There are a lot of different night lights available for the baby room. But which one should you choose? That depends on you and the needs of your child. 


Standard night light


A night light as you know it, with a switch that you can turn on and off yourself. For children, they are available in all kinds of figures. Please note that a night lamp is different from a bedside lamp. The latter is much brighter in terms of light.


Night light with projector


There are some for your baby that can project beautiful things on the ceiling. Think, for example, of nice stars or soothing rippling waves. 


Night light with music


What could be better than falling asleep to a lullaby. Night lights with music combine the soothing feeling that soft light gives to the baby with the playing of a melody. This way your baby can fall asleep comfortably. 


Night light for baby’s room or children’s room


If you are going to furnish a baby room, you can choose from a selection of lamps that are specially made for baby rooms. These are lamps with often round shapes and melodies and projections that are especially aimed at babies. 


A night light for your baby or toddler can also have some other useful properties in addition to the above. There are also those that turn themselves off automatically. This is great if your child has already fallen asleep, so you no longer have to enter the room to turn off the lamp. Automatic shutdown also saves some energy. The LED light is also good for the environment. LED bulbs are more energy efficient than normal bulbs. You can also choose the night light on this.


LED night light child

In your search for night lights you will now also come across night lights with LED lighting. An advantage of LED lighting is that it is often dimmable. This is nice for the children’s room, because you can then set the lighting yourself. For example, make sure you have a brighter light if you are going to read a book. And to fall asleep, you dim the lighting slightly. This way your little one enjoys a safe feeling, without bright lighting hindering him from falling asleep.


Where do you place the lights in the nursery?

When selecting night lights, it is good to think in advance where you are going to place the light. Do you want lights that you can place close to the bed? Or are you looking for products that you will place a little further away, for example near the door or on the ceiling. If you hang the lamp by the bed during the night, it is important that it does not spread too bright light, because that can hinder sleeping. When choosing the location, you also want to make sure that the light does not spread scary shadows during the night. This can cause your child to have nightmares.


Feeling safe at night

Your baby or toddler may find the night exciting. Especially if he wakes up at night and has no lights to hand. A bedside lamp is highly recommended. You place this in the children’s room next to the bed. This way your little one can always turn on a light during the night. This will certainly make him feel safe. And does he have to pee or does he want to check where mom and dad are? Then he can just take the lighting with him if you opt for wireless lights.


Help your child during the night

Do you notice that your baby wakes up scared? Do you find it exciting to go to sleep? Then go lie down in his bed with the light off. This way you can see what your little one sees. Maybe there’s a dark corner that scares him. This is the perfect place to place a night light. Or put different lights on the top of all cabinets.


What should I pay attention to when buying a night light for my baby? 

A night light for your baby should ensure that your child can sleep well. They are therefore different from a bedside lamp because with the latter you want to have things well lit (so that you can read in bed, for example). A good night light for your child therefore gives off a soothing light. The colors red and orange are the best for that. So it is best to choose a night lamp that gives light in those warm colors rather than to a lamp with blue or white light. And there are more things to look for when buying a night lamp for the baby room.



Night lights for children come in all shapes and sizes. From a simple pear shape to Disney figures. If you have made a children’s room in a certain theme, it is nice to adapt the night lamp to it. 


Battery, battery or plug

When choosing a night light you will come across the following options: A night light with batteries, a night light on battery or a night light with a plug. . This way you can place night lights with a battery or battery anywhere. Something that cannot be done with a night light that has to be placed near a socket. On the other hand, you always have power at the socket and batteries and accumulators can of course run out. 



Little children are doers. They put everything in their mouths that they can pick up. That could also be the night light. Therefore, make sure that the night light is made of good, sturdy and safe