Many times, the outside space of a house is a space that does not give much importance. Sauce because we have spent enough to make the interior with kitchens floors and sofas, negligible to shape the exterior, and leave it for later.


But in fact, especially in Greece, the outside of a house is the place where we will ask for our happiest moments, when we will recharge our batteries and rest. The truth is that even a small balcony can give us incredible joy as long as it is properly designed and equipped. In this article we will try to give you some ideas for outdoor constructions that will attract you to ask outside and give them months of time.


The first thing that comes to mind when discussing the outdoors is that we do not have to identify our quests. For example, if we live in an apartment in the center, equipping our space with a vertical awning or a roof with arms is necessary to help us ask for more outside. Our favorite tent is QUBICA which really impresses with its unparalleled design. With the awning you will be able to protect from the sun in summer but in addition you will be able to delimit your space so that you can sit outside in winter.


The second option is the XTESA construction of KE which is suitable for both rain and sun. XTESA is a pioneer construction from aluminum frame and folding cloth. It can be closed laterally with vertical awnings and glass doors. XTESA will leave you completely satisfied as you can reach a length of up to fifteen meters while its projection can reach up to seven. Its slope is small, so it does not interfere much with the style of your building.


Another option for a pergola is the construction of Isola with a straight roof. This construction is made of an aluminum frame and folding cloth. It is available and self-supporting but also with the option to adapt to the wall of your home. The largest possible width of the so sole construction is five meters with seven projection meters.


The fourth option and especially elegant are the pergolas with blinds. Pergolas with blinds can be fixed, rotating, or even folding.


In the case of fixed construction, the only thing required is sun protection. Fixed blinds are a great fit for modern homes and can be made of wood or metal. We really like the combination of a wooden roof with a metal frame for a warmer result.


In contrast to the rotating blinds, there are many new ones that are covered. The so-called bioclimatic pergolas are suitable to protect you not only from the sun but also from rain and even snow. The maximum visibility is seven meters and the width can reach up to five. The blinds rotate up to 135 degrees with the result that the construction can not respond and will cover you in any weather areas.


Finally, the most advanced choice of bioclimatic pergola is the Skylife pergola, a construction that really leaves even the most demanding satisfied. The Skylife pergola has aluminum blinds that not only rotate but also fold. This means that an outdoor area becomes warm and attractive in winter, but also perfectly accessible to spend the summer and enjoy a summer day, and a shave at night.


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