In decoration, different parameters are taken into account to define which elements to use according to the environment. The differentiation between these elements is based on the effect that you want to create in the place. Within this variety of possibilities that can be used, the White led Light is essential to achieve the desired objective.


Despite that, not all the light emission in LED technology , lamps, bulbs, spotlights and others, is the same. The color of the light or the Color Temperature varies according to 3 shades measured in degrees Kelvin. In this way, the Warm Light is in a tonality that is below 3,300 Kelvin . Where the emission is 3,000 degrees, provides a special environmental warmth. On the other hand, there is the Cold Light , whose intensity is between 5,000 and 6,500 degrees Kelvin . Finally, the emission around   4,000 degrees is considered Neutral or natural Light , which produces a sensation of cleanliness and freshness.


color temperature led light

Each tonality of LED light has an appropriate use according to the environment and the sensation that we want to cause. The Warm Light is ideal when you want to create warm and welcoming environments. The Cold Light  is used especially in places where there is a lot of movement of passage and in especially dark areas. Whereas, Neutral Light is the closest to natural daylight. This makes it ideal for general lighting in all types of rooms.


Warm white

In this way, if what is required is to have an illuminated place with a suitable environment for relaxation and rest, such as bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, among others, Warm White is the most recommended.


Cold white

The White Cold is characterized by creating a more stimulating environment because of its bluish tones. For this reason, it is recommended for areas where the first daily activities are carried out, such as the bathroom or for certain areas of the kitchen. Areas that maintain and require continuous traffic, such as hallways and stairways or the entrance. It is also widely used in car parks and hospitals, in the most professional field. They are considered cold with a color temperature above 5,000 degrees Kelvin.


Neutral white

In commercial premises and offices it is preferable to use Neutral White. This enhances the colors and produces an effect of high animosity in people. Which can translate into higher sales and / or employee performance. At home we can use it in study and reading rooms or as general lighting. If warm white is not to your liking in a room you can also even combine them.


examples types of light for floors


Yes, it is recommended to use a combination of the different color temperatures to achieve different effects. In the particular case of the kitchen or bathroom, the combination of Neutral Light and Cold Light creates a conducive environment that stimulates but relaxes at the same time. The ideal, in these cases, is to use the yellowish or warm tone on the ceilings or walls and the bluish or cold in wall lights, lampshades, floor lamps or on bedside tables or tables in general, but the choice is in your hands (or in your decorator’s). In the same way, the combination is recommended for commercial premises according to the effect that you want to cause on the visitor. Trying different things is always rewarding and sometimes you can get pleasant surprises.



Undoubtedly, due to their different qualities, LED luminaires should be used , since they are more efficient and economical within other advantages. Depending on the requirements and needs, bulbs, dichroic, downlights, projectors, panels and lamps can be used for different color temperatures. Each of these items is specially designed for its strategic location within the environments and can contain a Color temperature according to the need for  Warm, Cold or Neutral White Light.


led light applications


  • E27 A60 9W LED Bulb : The bulb of a lifetime. Thus, with 9W of consumption, it replaces the old incandescent bulbs of up to 80W of power. In addition, they are available in warm white, neutral white and cool white. And only for € 0.99!
  • 18W recessed LED downlight : Replaces PL bulbs. This is equivalent to a recessed ceiling with 2 PL 26W bulbs. It offers an intense, homogeneous and natural light. Available in warm, cool and neutral white.
  • T8 LED tubes . Replace fluorescent tubes with LED tubes. Thus, a simple change that will allow you to save up to 50% in electricity consumption. We have all the measurements: 60cm, 90cm, 120cm and 150cm. Also, available in three color temperatures: warm, cool and neutral.
  • LED panels . Panels for ceiling, recessed and surface. Intense, bright and easy on the eye lighting. And with an energy saving of 70%. Available in various formats and sizes, in warm, neutral and cold white.
  • LED strips . Different models of LED strips: 12V, 24V, 230V, waterproof, etc. In addition, you can choose between different color temperatures, from extra warm white 2400K to extra cold white 10,000K.



If you want to read a little more about types of LED lighting, we recommend this post that talks about our 8W Dim to Warm Module with SHARP Chip  that is capable of going from warm to extra warm. You will be surprised by its excellent performance. You will create more intimate environments simply by turning the regulator. Ideal for home and premises such as bars or restaurants, spas, hotels