This season’s Tokyo Auto Salon, Nissan is providing a wide range of vehicles to display, but perhaps the most impressive of them are the Campervans. They’re based off an NV350 Caravan. caravan NV350 They’re also hidden in some stunning living spaces.

The most stunning of all could be that of the Mountain Base concept, shown at the top. It’s easy to spot due to the faux wood trim that runs around the sides. The parts that don’t contain wood-grain-like vinyl are coated with something like material. For example, the truck mattress liner. The front fascia is adorned with an built-in grille and headlight protector. The roof is decorated with an off-road-style light bar and huge solar panels which can be raised or angled to ensure it is in the ideal location. The windows on the sides have been replaced with additional solar panels. Fender flares are enclosed by a large off-road tire and wheel.

The interior is the main attraction, however. A large worktop and bench with screens cover the bulk of the space, with all surfaces covered with wood panels. All of those surfaces are supported by a complex looking, skeletal structure. The lighting is positioned within and around these areas, giving a contemporary and chic space. A warm and inviting ambiance can be created by an LCD screen which is used as an online fireplace.

While not as striking on the exterior however, even though it’s not as striking on the outside, Caravan Myroom design is nonetheless awe-inspiring. The exterior is pretty unchanged, except for a unique color scheme of white and brown hue scheme, and black-painted steel wheels.

The interior is ideal for high-end camping, but. The interior is filled with modern furniture like shelves and cabinets with light wood finishes. The windows feature stylish frames, and the folding bed is covered with gorgeous brown and gray textiles. Storage space is also available underneath the bed, and the couch is designed for relaxing.