The official EPA numbers for the range are accessible for 2022 BMW i4 and the iX lines. Overall the final figures are in line with the most current list of specifications BMW has laid down for us. There are however some things to be aware of in relation to the wheels and tires of every car, since the precise specifications greatly impact the range of your car.

Beginning at starting with the starting with the eDrive 40 model, the maximum range you can expect with this model is 331 miles. This figure is available when you have the standard 18-inch wheels. But you can upgrade to 19-inch wheels and the range is reduced to 282 miles.

If you’re interested in the i4 M50 model, the range of models in this model suffers due to its higher performance. The basic model with 19-inch wheels is designed to last 227 miles. But, you can choose 20-inch wheels that come with high-performance summer tires and range is lowered down to 227 miles. They make up the High Performance Tire Package that includes an M-style rear spoiler, as well as “enhanced capability” M Sport brakes.

If you’re looking for an BMW IX you’re looking at, BMW has range available for the xDrive50 model. The iX offers three different wheel options and come three distinct EPA ratings. The 20-inch wheel base allows users to reach the maximum distance that is 324 miles. The 21-inch mid-range wheels are evaluated at 305 miles and the highest-end 22-inch wheels are valued with 315 miles. BMW claims that its 22-in wheel offers better mileage over the 21-inch model because they are BMW’s brand new “Air Performance” wheels. They have custom-designed inserts in the spokes, which gives them a an elongated design, which ensures better airflow around the wheels. The base wheel made of aluminum is about 15% lighter than the standard light alloy wheel, and it is also more durable.

There’s an BMW iX M60 coming soon however, the model isn’t yet revealed nor has it been revealed as to its range rated by the EPA. If it follows the i4 M model it’s likely to be lower than the xDrive50 model.