The 7 Most Popular Flowers In Greece

The beautiful land of Greece is known for the clear blue waters of the Meditteranean, ancient ruins, gods and goddesses, and gorgeous architecture built on cliffsides. However, anyone who has visited the islands of Greece can also tell you that there are gorgeous flowers blooming in every corner. From the vibrant city of Athens to the beautiful beaches on the coast, you will find this country covered with colorful flowerbeds.

If you are looking to send flowers in Greece to a friend or loved one to show them you care, we’re here to help. Here’s our guide on the most popular flowers in Greece, where they come from, and what they mean. This way, you can send online flowers in Athens that are perfect for the occasion and surprise your loved ones.

1) Lilies

Lilies are one of the most popular flowers in Greece and throughout the world because they come in a wide variety of colors and types. However, if you are looking to send flowers to someone in Athens, you should know why lilies have their own unique history in Greece.

In Greek Mythology, Lilies are associated with Hera, the goddess of marriage, family, and childbirth’s milk. Legend has it that her husband, Zeus, the god of thunder and lightning, had an affair with a mortal and gave birth to the hero, Hercules. However, Zeus knew that Hera’s milk was best for raising a strong God, so as she was sleeping, he snuck in Hercules to feed him. When Hera woke up, she was surprised and backed the child away. As her breast milk touched the earth, Lilies sprouted from the ground.

How To Gift Lilies

If you are parsing through the wide array of lily options that an online florist in Greece has to offer, here is a guide to what the different colors and types of lilies mean.

Pink Lilies

This beautiful color of lilies represents love, admiration, and femininity. Pink lilies are perfect for a female family member you admire on their special day, whether Mother’s day or a birthday. Pink lilies are also great to surprise your date or to commemorate an anniversary.

White Lilies 

These popular flowers are often chosen for weddings and funerals since they symbolize purity, commitment, rebirth, and heaven. In ancient Greece, the white calla lily was often associated with beauty. You can choose this color of lilies to accompany a sympathy card and show your condolences. A bouquet of white lilies is perfect for a bride as she celebrates the newfound commitment to her partner.

Yellow Lilies

These bright-colored lilies aptly represent happiness and joy. These flowers are great to celebrate a good friend and put a big smile on their face.

Purple Lilies

Purple is a symbol of pride, success, and accomplishment that is often associated with royalty. These rare flowers are a great gift for someone you admire or a loved one who recently received a promotion or graduated from university.

2) Roses

Roses are one of the most important symbols in culture and history. The word “rose” generally means red or pink in many romance languages.

Since roses generally symbolize love and beauty, it will not come as a surprise to you that roses are associated with the goddess of love, Aphrodite. According to the myth, the first roses bloomed from Aphrodites’ tears, gaining their red color from the blood of her foot when she stepped on one of the infamous thorns that Cupid dropped.

How To Gift Roses

Like Lilies, roses come in a variety of colors that are representative of different emotions and occasions.

Red Roses

The classic red rose is generally associated with love and romance. Send a bouquet of red roses to a special person on Valentine’s day to a special someone or to say “I love you.”

Yellow Roses

Yellow roses symbolize joy, happiness, and friendship. However, there is some indication that Victorians used yellow roses to represent jealousy or infidelity, so be mindful if you send these online flowers in Athens.

Pink Roses

These sweet and elegant roses symbolize admiration and appreciation. A dark pink can be a great way to thank someone, whereas a light pink imbues an air of grace and joy to its recipient.

Coral Roses

This special color of rose symbolizes enthusiasm or desire. So if there is someone who you are intrigued by and are excited about getting to know, surprise them with these fun colored roses.

3) Orchids

Exotic and delicate orchids represent love, luxury, beauty, and strength. If you are looking to send flowers in Greece, you should know that orchids are often associated with virility in this country. In fact, the name “orchid” is derived from the Greek word “orkhis,” which roughly translates to the male anatomy.

In ancient times, the Greeks believed that whether the father or mother ate orchid tubers could determine the gender of the unborn baby. For example, if the father ate large tubers, a boy would be born. Whereas if the mother ate small orchid tubers, the baby would be a girl.

Orchids are considered a very desirable floral gift for a spectrum of different occasions, whether it be a birthday, mother’s day, graduation, or anniversary. Since orchids are more expensive than roses or other flowers, they are often associated with the upper class. It is also a great gift to give as a housewarming gift since they carry positive benefits and signify a wish for the recipient to have good health and fortune.

How To Gift Orchids

Symbolizing femininity, grace, and joy, pink orchids (particularly the cattleya variety) make great gifts for wedding anniversaries. White orchids are symbols of purity and innocence, but they are also associated with luxury.

If you are looking to give a loved one a get-well-soon gift, opt for a white phalaenopsis orchid. In addition, a green cymbidium orchid represents good health.

Looking for the perfect gift for a friend with a busy schedule or your sister who is a new mom? Try ordering a dendrobium orchid from an online florist in Greece because it requires minimal care and is known as the toughest orchid available.

4) Sunflowers

Bright and joyful sunflowers are very aptly named and can bring lightness to any space. Sunflowers carry many different meanings when gifted, such as friendship and good luck. Sunflowers can also symbolize wishing someone a long and happy life because they themselves are long-lasting flowers.

Storytellers of Greek myths regale the tale of a water nymph who fell in love with the god of the sun, Apollo. She adored Apollo so much she would sit and stare at the sun every single day, even though Apollo took no notice of her. The other gods took pity on her and turned her into a sunflower, explaining why the faces of these happy buds always follow the sun.

How To Gift Sunflowers

If you are looking to send some popular flowers in Greece to a loved one that’s starting school or a new business venture, sunflowers show encouragement. You may also send these to a friend who is sick to share vibrancy and positive energy through a dark time. Because sunflowers represent the warmth of the sun, they are also a great gift for summer weddings.

5) Azaleas 

These flowers are beautiful as they are versatile, coming in colors like pink, red, white, purple, and yellow. These different colors symbolize similar feelings to those of roses and lilies, with white representing purity, red and pink standing for love and passion, purple representing pride, and yellow for friendship.

How To Gift Azaleas

However, Victorians also said Azaleas represented temperance and were often given to someone that was especially kind and gentle. They also represent abundance and wealth throughout many different cultures, making them a perfect gift for someone looking to sell their home or wish someone the best of luck on a new job.

A word to the wise? Azaleas are poisonous, so it’s best to keep them away from young children or pets (and don’t eat them yourself!)

6) Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums, on the other hand, are a special flower that is edible. In fact, they are often used to make light floral teas that are said to treat headaches and dizziness. These powerful flowers have a variety of symbols across various cultures. In Greece, these flowers are considered protectors against spirits, which is the reason you will see them quite often in graveyards.

How To Gift Chrysanthemums

Because of their symbolism, these flowers are appropriate to bring to a funeral to share your condolences or express your grief.

These flowers also come in various colors, such as violet, yellow, white, red, and green. Green symbolizes health and vitality, whereas violet chrysanthemums can be used to wish someone well. Like our previous flower varieties, red symbolizes love, and yellow can symbolize friendship.

7) Gerbera Daisy

It’s no wonder this next flower is one of the top five flowers in the entire world due to its cheerful nature. The gerbera is part of the daisy family and comes in yellow, orange, pink, and red, making them a spectacular addition to any flower arrangement.

Known for their ability to lighten up spirits, these radiant flowers represent purity, innocence, and beauty. Like sunflowers, they also always face the sun and carry a similar happy quality. The daisy is known for bringing peace and comfort with its youthful energy.

How To Gift Gerbera Daisies 

If you know someone going through a rough time, such as a breakup or illness, gifting them a bouquet of gerbera daisies may be just the thing to cheer them up. These flowers send a message of hope and can help put a smile on the faces of those who need them.

Since these flowers carry childlike energy and joy, they are great gifts for someone embarking on a new stage of life. If you have a loved one who is getting ready to have a new baby, gifting them gerbera daisies is a great way to welcome their new addition to their family.

Ways To Arrange Your Flower Gifts

Receiving flowers from someone you love is one of the best gifts to receive. It’s a thoughtful symbol that turns into a daily reminder that someone is thinking of you. However, you might want to send multiple messages to a loved one instead of sticking to one color or flower type. In that case, why not send a bouquet filled with many of these popular flowers in Greece?

Professional florists delicately arrange multiple flowers and plants to make a beautiful arrangement for someone you love, so you can mix and match colors and flower types to perfectly convey your message.

Say you’d like to say thank you to a dear friend. You may want to send an arrangement of pink roses and yellow azaleas. Or, if you’d like to congratulate a newlywed on their new home, send over an arrangement with white lilies and orchids. Whatever type of arrangement you desire, you can find it with an online florist in Greece.

Send Flowers an Online local Florist in Greece

Sending an arrangement of these popular flowers in Greece will show a special someone you care about them. There is so much variety to choose from among the seven options on our list, but they all have one thing in common: they’re timeless beauty and warm message.

However, the florist you choose goes a long way. It’s important for online florists in Greece to be experts in the country’s most popular flowers, and be skilled at making unique and beautiful floral arrangements that convey your message.

If you’re looking for the perfect arrangement of Greece’s most popular flowers, visit Anthemion Flowers on their website. They make it easy to send flowers online to Athens and the surrounding areas. You can even select same-day delivery or schedule delivery for a special occasion coming up.

No matter which flower you choose on this list, we guarantee it will spark joy and admiration in your loved one