Feasting at the Himalayas during winters reigns supreme. There are manifold treks to do in the Himalayas but only a few offer you the opportunity to create fascinating memories. Trekking during winter is not just stepping into the unadulterated glaciers but also stimulating your body from getting lazy in the freezing weather. Therefore, Trekking could be the best way of burning unwanted calories that you have laid on yourself while working from home.  These are some of the finest treks that are going to seize your heart and fulfill your desire to escape a ruthlessly busy life. Along the Himalayan ridges, you will find many treks coinciding with each other, thus you can plan more than one trek at the same time.


Kedarkantha Trek

A blend of endurance and pleasure goes behind the climb to the height of 12,500 ft. above sea level. This is a trek that feeds you with sumptuous snow to make your trail even more engaging. The trail through a coniferous forest covered with snow chunks appears like a heavenly dream. A 6-day long trek imparts you with a detailed knowledge of the Himalayas. It helps you to frame your imagination for the coming years about the Himalayan ranges. Especially the summit that seems to be a success after an elaborate tread is something that is worth the perseverance. Traversing from one camp to another takes a maximum of 4-6 km but the incline is steep to a little extent. Kedarkantha holds some of the most scenic campsites such as Sankri, Juda ka Talab, and Hargaon.



Chadar Trek

Popular for its incredible frozen lake that is absolutely a jug of beauty. The frozen lake is a product of the Zanskar river that flows from the Zanskar Valley. The Chadar trek falls within the territory of Ladakh. Including both ascend and descend a total of 8 days are invested. January and February are the most preferable months for this trail. Wrap yourself with your thickest winter garments and drift off your home to head out for this lifetime experience. The temperature can quiver you with falling scales but the exquisite frosted ice hanging from the gorges would make you delighted. Pass through the Zanskar Gorge that is about 600m high. The highest elevation of this trek lies at Nerak and rises up to 11,150 ft. above sea level.  Activities like sledding are usually seen in this trek. It is one of the difficult treks and requires adequate experience to accomplish.


Nag Tibba Trek

A short-distance trek in Uttarakhand. Initial points are steeper than the ones that are awaiting on the verge of completion. Begins from Dehradun in a vehicle to Patwari village. On the way, you are fortunate to witness an infinite view of Dehradun and especially you are enthralled at the sight of the Kempty falls. In about 2 days you find yourself completing this trek rather than covering a distance of 2 Km. At the summit, you come across the much-awaited landmark of this trail, the Nag Tibba temple. The snow trail surprises you with enough wilderness to amuse you. This is explicitly an easy trek to 9,915 ft. at the lower Himalayas pertaining to being the giant of all the ranges there.


Brahmatal Trek

Summit view ranks above all the phenomenal factors of this trek. It offers an opportunity to witness eminent mountains with a closer eye at the peak. The landscape of the trail never hides Trishul and Nanda Ghunti from your sight. As a winter trek, you are served with the best surface to stroll over, that is the mounds of snow where you delightfully immerse your legs to step ahead. A track of trees leads you to the peak as you get closer to the summit. The serene Brahmatal waterbody will melt your heart and encourage you to sit and relax for a while as a part of the schedule.


Har Ki Dun Trek

For about 44km this trek accounts to be moderately easy. A height of 12,000 feet is approached through a social trek amidst Himalayan Villages. As the legacy believes the route of this trek is known as “Staircase to Heaven” because of its sacred trait of directing the Pandavas at their quest for Heaven. This trek has certain characteristics similar to the Kedarkantha trek as the initial routes of both the treks overlap. The wooden houses and hamleted settlements are enough to prove the resemblance. The Yamuna river flowing elegantly is the most common phenomenon of this trek yet precious to a great extent.