One of the most crucial parts of your marketing plan will be building brand awareness.

You can become a household name if you tell your prospects and the people you want to reach about your brand, vision, and mission. But this is something that every brand wants to do, especially online.

As you can see, a prospect will first learn about your brand online through your digital marketing, and then they will go to your physical store or online store. But if people don’t know about your brand, you can’t reach enough people to become a household name.

One of the 1st steps of any marketing strategy or idea is making people aware of the brand. Have you made people talk about your name? Do you want to change the name of your product, or do you need to start over?

Look at how people interact with you on social media, how many people visit your website, and how fast your email list grows. Then, try to make educated guesses.

But let’s narrow it down.

10 Tips on How to Build Your Brand Awareness

  • Make your voice sound strong

To Build Your Brand Awareness, you need to be consistent. Not just in the way you use colours and logos, but also in how you talk and what words you use. You want people to recognize you right away, even if only a small part of your brand is showing.

  • Start working with relevant companies.

Partnerships are a great way to reach new customers and Build Your Brand Awareness, whether you have a storefront or only do business online. A lot of businesses’ ideal customers are the same or are connected in some way. Try to work together to bring more value to your customers.

  • Participate in social media

Having a social media presence and posting regularly won’t help you to Build Your Brand Awareness much. But social media does help grow brand awareness, as long as you use it the way it was meant to be used: to connect with people. Every once in a while, you should stop posting on your own pages and start responding to what your followers or partners are posting.

This is a sneaky way to make sure your name pops up on the timelines of people who are interested in your brand. Plus, points if those appearances are full of useful information.

  • Use the newest social media sites

Do you feel like the number of people following you on social media has stopped growing, but you still have a lot of good content to share? Try some new social media sites like Clubhouse or Pinterest where your brand isn’t yet present. You could be talking to a lot of new people who aren’t interested in Instagram or Facebook anymore but are still interested in your brand.

  • Use branded infographics to share your knowledge

Being active in online groups or with people who are interested in your market is a great way to Build Your Brand Awareness. As a business expert, you can add value by giving away free content.

  • Start with programmers for referrals

Friends and family are the best way for at least 49 per cent of U.S. consumers to learn about a brand. And referral programmers have been shown to work over and over again.

Dropbox added a “refer a friend” feature in 2008. They increased the number of customers by 3,900%. It’s not a mistake. This huge growth wasn’t just because of the referral program—they also made their product better and gave great customer service—but it did help.

Referral programmers to spread the word about a brand aren’t just for the big companies. The same method can be used to promote a lot of different products and services.

  • Influencer marketing should be used to its fullest

People love it when other people tell them what to do, especially if those other people are experts in their fields. Influencers are one of the most effective ways to get your brand in front of the right people, depending on how far-reaching the influencer is.

That doesn’t mean that micro-influencers won’t help you just as much. All of it comes down to the profit margin on your product and how much influencers have on the buying decisions of their audiences. A study found that 61 per cent of consumers between the ages of 18 and 34 have been persuaded to buy something by an influencer at some point.

If you want to give something back to these influential people, you could start an affiliate programmer. This will also help you figure how well influencer marketing is working for your business.

  • Use your brand everywhere you can

Even if you’ve never ordered anything from Amazon, we’re sure you could still tell what their packaging looks like. Don’t pass up the chance to create branded packaging if you ship physical products. It could make a big difference if you added that little something extra.

This works for businesses that only exist online, such as companies offering logo design service online. Make sure to use your branding at every possible touch point along the customer journey, even in your email signatures and “Thank You” pages.

  • Make your workers brand ambassadors

Let’s be honest: on platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram, we’d rather follow real people than the companies they work for. We’re all looking for content that makes us feel something. When you see something on a company page, you know right away that it’s trying to sell you something. People are less likely to interact with it.

But when content comes from real people, that’s when things get interesting. With this in mind, it can be worth it to teach your employees how to use platforms like LinkedIn. Every time someone comments or shares something useful on a profile that has your brand in it, you get a little more exposure.

  • Paid ads

With paid ads, it’s getting easier and easier to Build Your Brand Awareness, whether on social media sites or search engines. Using clear and creative messages to reach out to this group could be a great way to Build Your Brand Awareness.


One of the first elements of every marketing plan or concept is to raise brand awareness. As you can see, a prospect will learn about your brand via digital marketing before visiting your shop or website. But if people are unaware of your brand, you will not be able to reach enough individuals so make sure your branding goes very well.