Fashion is only one aspect of dressing sense. Dressing sense is defined as the intuitive ability to make any clothing combination seem spectacular, appealing, and stylish. It’s the capacity to think beyond the box, as well as a great deal of knowledge about how your body appears, which fabrics, colors, and cuts to pick, and how to accessorize. Here are a few things to consider to ensure you’re getting the ideal apparel for you.

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The cuts matter

Contrary to common belief, the price of the suit is unimportant, but its tailoring is. Whether you’re looking for preowned apparel, vintage clothing, or high-street attire, look for excellent tailoring. Good tailoring is evident in how the cloth rests on your body, how it appears in images, and how lovely you appear when walking about in it.

Finding a great fit in most ready-made garments may be difficult. Most garments are made in standard sizes based on the company’s assumption of an average person’s height and weight. Suppose you have exceptional needs (plus-size or very tall). In such a case, you might wish to consider hiring a tailor or seamstress to create custom clothing for you from the fabric after proper measuring. Most individuals might profit from the services of a seamstress if they require modifications or other work done on clothes and gowns that they have purchased.


Dress for your body type.

Regardless of what the magazines tell you, everyone is attractive, and if they dress for their body type, they can look their best. Examine your physique in the mirror to determine which body type you are. In general, concepts such as “don’t wear stripes” and “select darker colors if you’re plus-size” are prudent to follow since much of a person’s beauty is determined by how well they use visual illusions. It would help if you had your clothes to draw attention to your most outstanding features while hiding your flaws.

  • Apple-shaped body types have a more extensive breast and a rounded form, with a smaller hip area and legs. It would be best if you elongated your appearance with this body shape by wearing v-necks, lower necklines, or even turtlenecks to appear less round.
  • Pear-shaped body shapes have a wider waist and hips but are smaller elsewhere. You may wear high-waisted slacks and flowing light fabric dresses with this body type.


  • Hourglass forms are another lovely body type, with a slimmer waist and more equal proportions at the top and thighs, as the name indicates. Dresses and ensembles that accentuate the tiny waist look excellent on this body shape, as do shorter jackets and skirts.
  • Body shapes such as rectangles and inverted triangles are pretty frequent. (In the former, the breast and thighs are almost equal in size, but in the latter, the shoulders and top of the body appear to be more prominent than the inverted triangle-shaped midsection). In each of these cases, paying attention to the neckline is a terrific way to enhance your natural figure.


Colors and neutrals should be blended.

Have you ever seen a hot pink one-color dress? That suits practically no one unless you’re Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde. To appear stylish, intelligent, and well-dressed, you should try a balance of colors and neutrals. If you’re wearing a bright orange shirt, combine it with slacks or a skirt in a neutral tone like camel brown, taupe grey, or creamy beige. Keep this in mind while shopping online (whether it’s for Thurley or another brand), as it will help you find timeless pieces that you’ll want to wear again and again.


Don’t accept less.

According to surveys, most individuals gather and unintentionally hoard clothes. Yet, they tend to wear the same 6 to 8 outfits for most occasions. Purge and purify your wardrobe, keeping only the things that make your heart sing.


Understand thyself

The ancient adage applies to clothing as well! Make a note of the colors you like and the styles that appeal to you. Do some textiles make you feel more at ease than others? It’s also vital to consider why you’re shopping, such as buying clothes for work, formal events, or informal excursions. Celebrity fashion is a great place to start; save outfit photos on Instagram or Pinterest and figure out how to duplicate those looks for your body type and budget. Don’t be frightened to try new things!