In market research, competitive intelligence (CI) is the gathering and analyzing information related to the strategic development of a company’s competitors. CI can indicate market opportunity and develop strategic marketing. Competitive intelligence examines the strategies that make up a company’s competitive strategy. These consist of activities like market research, competitor analysis, and building a network of experts. You may have heard about competitive analysis, but what exactly does it involve?

Competitive intelligence (CI) tools provide insight into upcoming market developments, competitor activities, and customer trends. CI solutions help companies to understand their competitors’ profitability and pricing strategies, determine where there are opportunities to increase revenues and gain greater market share, and make sure that their marketing activities are in line with the latest industry developments. Analyzing your competitors is a tricky business, but fortunately, there are tools out there to make things easier. You can look at what your competitor is doing right and wrong. However, you need to do this as comprehensively as possible and over as many different platforms as you can. This will give you the best idea of what they’re doing and where they have weaknesses. Even if these aren’t direct weaknesses, they could lead to opportunities.

Mainly in business, this term market research is used. Widely the industry accordingly research has been made by the market or by the companies. Some of the basic informative collections will also be taken by India-based companies like Digital Marketing Company in India. In India, some of the marketing research will be carried out by Search Engine Marketing Company in India. In this business industry, search engine optimization plays a role where the research has been made according to the market and for the business and this can be carried out by E-Commerce SEO Services globally and E-Commerce SEO Services in India. In SEO, primary research provides you with the opportunity to identify who your main competitors are. To determine if they are still on the lookout, it may be necessary to carry out a more thorough assessment.

Undertaking market research includes gaining knowledge about your business environment and market.

Undertaking market research includes gaining knowledge about customers for a customer profile.

Undertaking market research includes gaining knowledge about competitors to develop competitor profiles.

There are thousands of tools out there that can aid you in your market research and competitive intelligence efforts. Trying to sift through the clutter and deciding on which tools are right for you can be difficult, which is why we decided to write this article; to make it easier for you. We’ll cover 12 awesome tools that will help increase your productivity and save you tons of time in the process.

Competitive Intelligence Tools for Market Research:

It is possible to obtain information from your devices, which include anything from traffic patterns of your enemies to what individuals are saying about them. When you examine this information together with the arrangements of competitors, you can find significant business opportunities.

For market research, some tools help an individual to research on their own.

For example:

  1. Visualping: This tool is useful for keeping track of the top firms and keeping your business up to date. Visualping allows you to keep track of website updates and be informed about different firms and rivals.
  2. Crayon: it provides insights by AI (artificial intelligence) and by humans about the market campaigns and price changing in the market. This tool features channel acquisition and web tracking.
  3. SpyFu: this tool is best for search engine optimization; some E-Commerce SEO Services in India provide this tool to their customers. This tool is for tracking and monitoring. SpyFu features keyword research and data visualization.
  4. Moat: moat is the real-time analytics market tool it allows you to teach your competitive digital creative histories. Moat features API. Moat. This tool is a team of creative functioning people which gives real-time analytics of users’ competitors. This tool also allows you to see the competitive tracking on ads sense and much more.
  5. Owletter: small and medium enterprises-based tool or company which keeps the record of data via emails and monitoring the competitor’s analytics. Owletter features data restoration via email for a longer period.
  6. SimilarWeb: this tool is best for website trafficking, this tool features changes in tracking, SEO auditing, determining the exit and entry pages. This tool shows the engagement of the businesses market
  7. BuzzSumo: this tool is for competitive content analysis. Buzzsumo helps you to know how long competitive blogs aren’t posted or updated. This tool features content research, content discovery, and content monitoring.
  8. Alexa: this tool is best for performance comparison. It is very fast to use according to any competition in the background market. This tool features keyword information, Audience overlaps.
  9. TrackMaven: this is about the medium-sized and large-sized business tool which helps you to gather data for your own business to make your market profitable and improve. This tool allows you to give the data such as performance, the response of the consumer.
  10. Market Explorer: this market explorer works as the name itself as it gives you the market overview sections information collective which may be helpful to your market strategy. A solid overview provides you with the overall summaries of the competitors. In this tool, the description is surveyed by the graph ratio distribution according to the market.
  11.   Feedly: it is an RSS reader tool that allows you to track the post contents and the published blogs of the competitors. It is a very easy-to-use tool that provides keywords and news about the competitors.
  12. Compete Shark: to track website to website the complete shark is a complete tool space that is helpful to businesses. This will help you to change the graphics or change the content as per the competitors’ websites. It will tell you about the similar promotions and ads of the competitors. This also comes in the SEO services and this kind of tool is much provided in SEO services companies in India