Friends - 30th Birthday Rachel... and plan...

happy birthday grandma it's better to be

over the hill buried under it

you're not a grandmother no I know

because to be a grandmother you have to

be married and have children and I don't

have any of those things

all you had to do was buy the card okay

you know what I realize it was stupid to

get upset about not having a husband and

kids all I really needed was a plan see

I want to have three kids well then let

me guess and you want to have them all

at the same time and you want to have

them for your brother

I should probably the first of the three

kids by the time I'm 35 right excuse me

five years so if I want to have a kid

when I'm 35 I don't have to get pregnant

until I'm 34 which gives Prada four

years to start making maternity clothes

oh wait but now I do want to be married

for a year before I get pregnant really

that long look all you want it's

happening no so I don't have to get

married until I'm 33 that's three years

that's three whole years oh wait a

minute though

I'll late a year and a half to plan the

wedding I'd like to know the guy for

like a year year and a half before we

get engaged which means I need to meet

the guy by the time I'm 30 which is fine

because you just turned 28 no it is not

fine that according to my plan I should

already be with the guy that I'm gonna


are you cutting it

come on range my turn just started I

just want to talk to tech oh okay hey

can I ride this outside whatever okay

I'm not your mother hey hey how you

doing are you feeling any better

yeah I'm doing okay let's talk Oh

tag you're such a great guy and we have

so much fun together but I can't wait I

think I see where you're going but

before you say anything else can I just

say one more thing

well said and a good example of the fun

I was referring to but I just think I'm

past the point where I can you know just

have fun

Rachel don't do this this is just

because you're turning 30

yeah it is but you're just a kid I mean

25 24 X Oh God

you know what I wish I wish you were six

years older well actually if I'm wishing

for stuff I actually wish I was six

years younger

me too sorry


let it go if I only want to kids can I

keep him for another year you did the

right thing don't like this anymore

well here we are just a bunch of thirty

year olds Wow do you realize in ten

years we're gonna be 40