hey guys today I'll be sharing my

thoughts opinions and feels on winter by

Marissa Meyer this is the final book and

the lunar Chronicles series the first

being cinder the second being scarlet -

the third being cress and the final book

being winter there's also a companion

book called fairest that follows the

villa in the story called Levana and

there's also a novella bind up called

stars above that's actually coming out

next year so technically this series

isn't finished because there is going to

be a short story that takes place after

winter which is super exciting so we

have that to look forward to each book

within this series is a sci-fi fairy

tale retelling cinder is based off of

Cinderella scarlet is based off of

Little Red Riding Hood cress is based

off of Rapunzel and winter is based off

of Snow White

I have reviews for each of the books

within the series and I will link those

down below it's a fantastic series and

have completed it I can definitely

recommend this series it's just so

entertaining and you can't help but fall

in love with each and every one of the

characters and guys winter freakin made

me like scarlet and wolf and I hated

them up into this point I served her

like scarlet and cress but I still

didn't really like wolf and cress then I

got to winter and I just I love them I

love them I don't know what happened I

don't know what changed but I just I

enjoyed them within this book the

characters within this series just made

me completely love this series so much

you could put these characters into any

scenario and I would enjoy it because I

love the characters so much they band

together and create this amazing team of

train wrecks and I love them so much and

I'm so sad to have the series come to a

close because I'm gonna miss these

characters so much as a conclusion to

this series I really felt satisfied with

this book I really thought that spoke

did a fantastic job of wrapping

everything up there were a few things

that I thought were a bit too convenient

and things that just kind of came

together a little bit too smoothly but

for the most part I was happy with this

book it was really bittersweet seeing

the story come to a close and I would

love to follow these characters on

another adventure I know that they were

kind of dragged through this book and

put through some damage within this book

but I would just love to follow them on

more adventures that's all I can say

without spoiling winter if you have not

picked up this series I would highly

recommend going and finding cinder

trying it out seeing if it's

that you might enjoy I highly recommend

it because I think that the characters

are fantastic and it's just such an

interesting world there's a lot of

politics within this story and that's

something that I really enjoyed as well

so definitely check it out see if it's

something you're interested in and read

this series and then once you've done

that come in join me and discuss winter

I'm really not going to go into full

detail about this book because I just

didn't take very many notes to be

perfectly honest because I was just

fully invested and reading this book I

didn't want to have anything distracting

me and I felt like taking notes was

taking away from my overall enjoyment of

the story so I really didn't take very

many notes but I just want to talk about

the characters because I love them so

much I first want to talk about the

convenience of this story though that's

something that I mentioned beforehand

and I just kind of wanted to talk about

that a little bit I kind of felt like

somebody from our squad should have died

I know that that sounds really morbid

and that's not to say that I wanted the

characters to die but it just felt like

the realistic thing to happen the stakes

were so high they were in this crazy

battle and it just would have made sense

for somebody within our crew to die

obviously I didn't necessarily want

anybody to die I wanted everybody to get

their happy ending and everybody did

really get their happy ending yes they

were damaged yes they were beaten up but

by the end of the story

everything was happy they had their

happy ending that's the only thing that

I just felt was kind of unrealistic from

the story obviously I am happy that

everybody got their happy ending but I

do at the same time feel like somebody

probably should have died I guess the

only person who didn't get their happy

ending was levana but a bunch I hope I

don't get hate hummons for that but I

just wanted to throw that unpopular

opinion out there and see if anybody

else agreed with me or disagreed if you

disagree with me - that's cool I want to

hear why you disagree with me but I just

felt like that is something that should

have happened maybe something that I

completely adore de bout this book while

it was still romance heavy there was

also a heavy emphasis on friendship

within the story and I loved that so

much we have so many different

friendships that form and develop

throughout the story and I just it just

made me so happy I just love seeing them

all come together and connect and like

work together it which is so cool got

kyon Thorne who start to form this

really interesting bond together as

thorn is taking him back to his palace

winter and Scarlett have a friendship

together because they're both going

through some pretty terrible things

cinder and Jason Crescent Kai Crescent

wolf and just all of the friendships I

just loved them all so much I know that

I'm missing like all of them but those

were just the ones that were on the top

of my head the relationship between

winter and Jason was the sweetest I just

I love them so much together that's just

kind of how it is with every couple

within this series I love every couple

like even scarlet wolf and I hated

scarlet and wolf in the second book I

don't know what happened I don't know

what changed with scarlet and wolf I'll

get to that in a little bit Jason is

just such a freaking boss when lamanna's

like yo you gotta go murder your girl

he's like huh yeah I'm gonna be smart

and not murder my girl and make up this

crazy awesome plan and it's gonna work

and you're gonna fall for it Levana

because you're stupid the way that he

organized everything and thought out

this crazy plan and risked everything

for winter just showed his dedication to

her and his love for her now scarlet and

well I'll talk about them now I don't

know what it was they just became more

interesting to me within this story and

I don't know if that's because they kept

being split apart within this book and I

really got to see them both work away

from each other and like not depend on

each other and I think that's kind of

something that I didn't like about the

relationship it's been a while since I

brought scarlet but I just remember them

being so in love with each other

right off the bat I didn't really like

that I didn't really like the insta-love

and in this story you see them break

apart and have to kind of make these

crazy decisions on their own and they

just go through so much throughout this

book specifically wolf when he lost his

mother that was so sad but his mom was

so brave to be able to stand up for what

she believed in and I just ah that scene

was awful but at the same time it was so

powerful Chris and thorn let's talk

about cress and thorne who is by far my

favorite couple even though their

relationship was so frustrating

specifically in this book

mostly because thorn is just a douchey

potato I don't know what I'm even saying

but he's a douchey potato he just

bothered me so much in this book he was

just so frustrating and he just couldn't

come to terms with how he felt and he

wasn't able to be honest with how he

felt and that was so frustrating because

he clearly had an interest in cress but

he just had such a hard time like

revealing that he had feelings for her

and I hated that scene when the lunar

manipulated him and had him come and

kiss her and say he loved her like that

just drove me crazy even though we found

out later

the lunar had disguised herself as cress

I still hated that scene just really

didn't like that scene and just added

more frustration and tension in their

relationship and I didn't like it at all

but hey they came together in the end

and that's all that really matters and

we got that cress and thorne case that

we've been waiting on and it was just so

great they got their happy ending and

I'm very happy that they came together I

would like another book solely focused

on cress and thorne I just think it

would be great to go on an adventure

with those two and it would just be so

much fun especially because I just I

love them so much I love both of their

characters so much I love their

relationship and I love them

individually as people and I want to

follow another adventure with them and

guys I have a new OTP a new OTP formed

within this book Aiko and that guard guy

I don't know his name but the guy that

just kept giving her a hard time I ship

then I think that they would go so well


he always has these little remarks for

Aiko and Aiko doesn't take it she serves

it right back to him full force and I

just loved it so much obviously we'll

never know if they end up together

unless it's mentioned in stars above but

I would just really like for them to get

together iCub deserves a relationship

she's the only one that isn't in a

relationship finally we have Kai and

cinder the two that started it all in

cinder Oh huh you see I was so happy he

looks like oh my gosh they're gonna end

up together it's gonna be great and then

maybe to the end and realization starts

to set in that they're both leaders of

two different planets and that there's

no way that they could really be

together that could be together

but it's going to be a heck of a

long-distance relationship and I just ah

I know that they're gonna figure it out

obviously but like we're not gonna be

able to see them figure it out like we

just kind of get left with this oh

there's hope for them to be together at

some point someday but we don't get to

see it I mean hopefully we'll get a

little bit more closure and stars above

I know that we're getting an epilogue so

that'll be good but I just wanted a

little bit more from that ending just

wanted a little bit more so those are my

thoughts opinions and feels on winter by

Marissa Meyer I love this book so much

it was very satisfying even though I had

a few issues with it I still really

enjoyed this book you guys should let me

know down below what your favorite scene

was from this book I'd love to

No thanks for watching guys and I'll see

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