Northern Hemisphere vs Southern Hemisphere - What's The Difference between them

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below this video hello everyone in this

video you will learn the differences

between the Northern Hemisphere and the

southern hemisphere they have many

differences between them which are only

known from the people that study this

field the pole is a central point of one

of the opposite sides of the globe both

South and North hemisphere have such a

center the equator represents the zero

point and divides the north from the

south northern hemisphere the northern

hemisphere is called the spherical part

of the earth which is located in the

northern part of the equator

astronomical summer in the north lasts

from June to August while winter from

December to February the northern

hemisphere has far more terrestrial

surfaces than the southern one and is

therefore also called the Earth

Hemisphere the northern hemisphere

continents are Asia except Indonesia

which mainly lies in the southern

hemisphere Europe North America a small

part of South America about 2/3 of

Africa southern hemisphere the southern

hemisphere represents the Earth's land

that lies to the south of the equator in

the southern hemisphere there are five

continents in two Arctica Australia the

largest part of South America parts of

Africa and Asia the two poles are at the

extremes of our planet many of their

features are extremely opposite let's

now see their top ten differences one

metamorphosis the Arctic area is located

in the North Pole region and has a

natural melting cycle during which

almost half the amount of ice melts in

summer and freezes again in winter on

the other hand the Antarctic Area in the

South Pole has almost the same size and

shape of ice over the twelve months of

the year the Arctic region melts faster

because it is immersed in the ocean

accelerates the process while the

Antarctic region which as many rocks is

not affected by this phenomenon - ozone

layer whole over the Antarctic region

there is a hole in the ozone layer which

is now almost three times bigger than

the one over the u.s. surface while the

ozone layer over the North Pole has no


the term ozone hole is used to describe

the phenomenon through which chemical

substances ozone is damaged in some

places three cold and very cold the

South Pole is far colder than the North


currently the temperatures in South are

so low that snow does not melt in some

parts of the continent the average

annual temperature is minus 49 degrees

Celsius which makes the South Pole the

coldest place in the world while the

average temperature during the winter

season in the North Pole is minus 34

degrees Celsius it rises during the

summer season the lowest temperature

ever recorded on earth was minus eighty

nine point six degrees Celsius and is

reported by the vlasta Base near the

South Pole for polar bears and penguins

most people believe that polar bears and

penguins live in the same environment

in fact this false idea has its roots

and television commercials and postcards

penguins live only in the southern

hemisphere and have no natural

continental ancestors polar bears are in

fact endemic species living in the

northern hemisphere they feed themselves

with seals sea cows and sometimes whales

five the black gold according to

published estimates almost half of the

remaining oil deposits are found beneath

the ice of the northern part of the

Arctic region it is thought that oil

deposits are also found in the south

region but the Antarctic Treaty stops

strictly any activity that exploits the

oil six

no one's earth despite the symbolic

images of explorers who raise flags on

South Pole lies the Antarctic continent

is the only country on Earth that does

not belong to anyone

by contrast more than four million

people live in the North Pole we

mentioned villages and towns like Barrow

Alaska tromsø Norway Murmansk and sail

card Russia seven ice everywhere the

southernmost continent of the planet

Antarctica carries 90% of Earth's ice


the North Pole has much less ice than

the South Pole eight continent ocean the

North Pole said simply is a frozen ocean

otherwise Antarctica is a continent set

on rocks and earth formations valleys

and lakes surrounded by the ocean in

fact Antarctica is home to the most


kino Mount Erebus the Arctic region that

has only ice is the place where the

interests of many countries are

concentrated Canada Greenland Russia

Iceland Norway Sweden Finland in the

United States 9 polar vortex an

interesting phenomenon that occurs on

earth poles is the polar vortex which is

a massive cyclone formed near the

vertical edges of the planet polar

vortices occur in the medium and upper

layers of the troposphere and

stratosphere 10 the magnetic field and

mineral deposits since Antarctica is a

mass of land there are many minerals

gold silver platinum iron etc in the

North Pole there are no such minerals

when we talk about the Earth's magnetic

poles we refer to the geographic area of

the same name although the North Pole's

magnetic field is located in the south

while the South Poles magnetic field is

located in the north for this reason the

compass does not indicate the magnetic

north but the geographical north of the

planet you have now learned the top ten

differences between the north and south

pole if you want to share any

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