Thinking About Moving for a Job? Watch This First.

hey this is Justin for breaking the CRE

and in today's video we're gonna talk

about what to do if you landed your

dream job offer but it's not where you

want to be so if you're trying to decide

whether or not you should take a role

that's not in the city or maybe even

state that you want to be in long term

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notification ball so I recently got an

email from someone who was finishing up

college on the East Coast and they

recently received a full-time job offer

to join one of the largest multifamily

investment companies in the entire

country in an acquisitions role now for

many people just getting out of college

this is really a dream job opportunity

but the only problem with this job is is

that the offer is in Chicago and this

person wants to be in New York long term

so what happens if you land your dream

job but it's not where you want to be

either in the short term of a long term

do you sacrifice right now and work at

the company that you want to work at or

do you wait it out and try to find a job

in a city that you want to build your

career in well I think personally I have

somewhat of an unpopular view on this

and my answer is specific to real estate

but it's also specific to your personal

life as well after all you could be

crushing it professionally but if you're

not happy on a day-to-day basis none of

that really matters at the end of the

day so in situations like this where you

have a job offer in a place that you

don't want to be my advice is to hold

out for a role that exists where you do

want to be and here's why the first

reason is that real estate is extremely

location driven especially when you go

about building your network and the

first few years of your career are often

the most instrumental where you'll

constantly be going to networking events

working long hours at the office and

really building these long-term

relationships that are going to carry

through the rest of your career and the

problem with doing this in a city that

you don't want to be in is that you

can't redo that when you're in your 30s

or 40s when you want to relocate to the

city that you wanted to end up in in the

first place the people that you meet are

going to be the people that are going to

help you land jobs help you do deals and

even may become some of your best

friends in the future and this makes it

a lot harder to leave three to five

years down the road when you do want to

make the shift and go back to the city

that you wanted to start out in in the

first place and like I said earlier on

in this video

networking is very location driven and

if you start your career in San

Francisco and then move to Miami three

to five years down the road from now

many of those relationships aren't going

to be able to help you in your career

in the Southeast United States now the

second reason I recommend to wait it out

is because if you're good enough to get

a top-tier job at a top-tier company out

of state

you're definitely good enough to land a

top-tier job how to top to your company

in your own backyard it's really easy to

get enamored with a big-name firm that

gives you a shiny new offer and it's

easy to think that if you turn down that

offer you're never going to see

something like that again but in reality

if you've got an offer from one top to

your firm and they were interested in

you it's likely that many other top-tier

real estate investment firms are also

going to be interested in you and it's

just a matter of waiting it out and

trying to find a job where you want to

be it's easy to get nervous about saying

no to a role especially when the clock

is ticking and you're going to be

graduating a few months from your

undergrad or graduate degree program but

the last thing that you want to do is

get into a role move across the country

and then realize one to two months into

it you're just not where you want to be

and at that point even if you feel that

way it becomes much much harder to get

back to the city that you wanted to be

in in the first place

being an out-of-area applicant is

generally much harder than being a local

applicant and many employers will take

you less seriously when you throw your

resume into the ring to apply for new

jobs especially when you just started a

new job 1 to 3 months earlier and lastly

aside from the real estate and career

reasons things in your personal life

will come up quickly and probably much

more quickly than you expect and what I

mean by that is if you want to end up in

Los Angeles but you take a job in New

York and you're 20s you're gonna be

building your friend circle you're gonna

be building your network and you may

even meet your spouse during that time

and if your significant other has family

in the area and you guys have set roots

down there it becomes much much harder

to make that move once that all occurs

I've seen this a lot among peers and

friends in the industry where they had

their heart set on a certain location

and didn't end up getting there quick

enough and life got in the way so if you

know you want to end up somewhere in the

long term the sooner you can get there

the better and the sooner you can start

building roots from both a professional

and a personal perspective overall this

is not an easy situation and I've

actually been in this situation myself I

got my MBA

in Orange County California and had

several opportunities with big-name

firms in Orange County and LA and

decided to turn those down because I was

focused on getting down to San Diego and

if I didn't do that even though I'd

probably be building a great career with

a great company

I'd always wonder what if and other

parts of my life may have felt out of

balance that's all to say that I know

what this is like and I've been in your

shoes and I know that it's scary to say

no without a sure thing on the other end

but for me I've always rather taking a

swing at getting where I want to go

rather than wondering what if so I hope

that was helpful if you have a tough

real estate job dilemma on your hands or

if you're just thinking about where to

apply after graduation so if you liked

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