Graffiti: Art or vandalism?

Oh around here it's art I love the

graffiti like down down by the Train we

we live on the other side of the river

and and I'm always walking down by that

down through there just to look at the

art look at the the artists Kofi t yeah

it's their work man it's awesome I think

it depends on the quality of the work

there's some graffiti that's really

really well done and adds to the

community and there's some graffiti like

random tags or covering over storefronts

or those sorts of things that's just

kind of vandalism so I guess really

depends it could be both I think it's a

work of art in the proper place all

graffiti is good as long as is put in a

proper place well it can't be inactive

or be art but sometimes it is vandalism

because it's not pretty

Helly I think it matters whether they've

asked for it or not if it's if it's in

purpose then it can be art and it's very

interesting to look at but you start

just tagging people's names on there

it's vandalism for sure depends on where

it's done it's done on the side of a

building without permission then it's

vandalism if it's done with permission

then it's art I would say formal but

yeah I mean I'm art person so that's why

maybe I am like talking about that but

that's what I think

what are you how about you I think

people like artists need to be given a

space to show what they are district Lee

or creatively want to show and you know

wherever they want to do it like even if

you know wall and I have seen a lot of

people just gone and visit those places

I've been from Austin and they have like

this place where they just have all

these graffitis and you could see some

really good art just on the walls here

so definitely I think it's a great piece

of art if it's scoped to a particular

area or a place where artists can go

freely and show what they think or what

they visualize and other people can go

and enjoy it