Do's And Don'ts of Graffiti / Art Critique

guys welcome back you came here for some

critiques that's what I got for you

today with those guys who don't know you

can always submit critique with me by

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much every single day well look at this

Carlos man I love seeing your work I

love watching you improve over time this

is this is solid work I am in love this

I love where you did the tattoo on the

chest too sure it gets a little bit

muddy over here and I know some tattoos

do have that fade outwards into the skin

that's nice and all but you can see how

it's a little muddy right here where the

fade ends up meeting the skin but with

that said this is gorgeous the one thing

I would say is how the shirt looks

really really flat and it doesn't look

like that was intentional it looks like

there was intention for form here so

practice wrinkles practice drawing cloth

like literally fill up a couple pages in

your book of just cloth getting that

texture is really important for

portraying cloth who is text me getting

that is really important for portraying

cloth and also look at how the drips

from the tattoo follow the form of the

boob like that's really important

because that adds depth that adds

realism that's all important stuff for

an image to have for good stuff Carlos

good stuff man all right so now we have

to get to the chunky part of the

critique where I'm gonna repeat myself

a lot you guys do not listen keep it

simple keep it simple keep it simple

keep it simple basic straight letters

basic straight letters basic straight

letters I'm telling you I give you guys

the cheat codes to get better at

graffiti you guys need to have the

discipline to practice that I've given

you guys the information literally to

take you from day one graffiti to like

five years in and if you practice that

within like two years three years four

years you can be way ahead of where you

would have been otherwise but you have

to listen to the information so keep it

simple although thank you for the

tribute to the name I appreciate it

I appreciate it keep it simple keep it

simple keep it simple keep it sit oh

this is what someone kept it simple

would you look at this Wow unbelievable


this is a perfect straight letter this

is good stuff drop shadows on point

letter structures on point connections

on point all of it on point and wood

look at that someone with a slightly

stylized hand style and it looks fresh

why because he kept the majority of its

simple what do you know it works Grimm's

advice works who would have thought only

wow I come to Grimm for advice cuz it

works for that I don't listen to his

advice but he gives it to me

I would say orc go ahead and position

the are in the case slightly closer look

at your first two letters how there's a

slight overlap and then how your K

overlaps to e just slightly and the e

goes right into the are just slightly do

that with your RK this gets into two

different fundamentals the letter name

positioning and negative space

management if you mess one of these up

usually the other one will also get

messed up usually not all the time and

when that happens you risk breaking up

the word now what I'm about to say is

not a critique because you did not do

this incorrectly here but it's a

suggestion for what you can do in the

future and I'm gonna say go ahead and

try a different structure for the R and

K where you have a two box leg that may

be a little bit challenging when you're

just starting off and you haven't yet

tried that structure so try that out and

then for the O just try a circular

rounded o try that out see how that

works for you not bad good values I like

this all you did with this word really

scratching very sketchy but work on

Anatomy practice realistic Anatomy what

I want you to do is fill up a good

amount of pages do like about a hundred

or so skulls and this is just a basic

practice where you're trying to render

these skulls as realistically as

possible that's gonna be the key here

that's gonna peel your knowledge in

order to add style to it later when you

do something like this you do this and

you'll notice the anatomy for the rest

of your artwork begins to improve and

it's gonna help you out a bunch you this

is something you want to listen to for

sure but once you finish start again

this arts man this is awesome stuff

somebody who's also really big here on

the artist block community and and I am

so glad to have you man but this this is

some adorable stuff I know this is a

simple sketch but it'd be really nice to

see like fully dedicated images by you

man it'd be really dope to see some

fully rendered backgrounds with like

some story elements and stuff like that

where you're actually trying to do some

visual storytelling through your

characters you see how the bush stops

equal with the animal well if that's the

case both of those things exist in the

same depth of field then where is the

boy standing because ideally people

occupy volume they take up space in the

world right so where's the boy's feet


they're gonna have room to be between

the bush and the animal if the bush and

the animal exists on the same depth of

field there's no room for the boy then

that heavily flattens out your image so

start thing about depth

think about form volume and how that is

in space uh-huh

is a massive part of this community and

I absolutely love your artwork look at

how beautiful this reflective light is

right here gorgeous it really pops out

the background it would have been nice

if you would have had a dark background

it's like that this could have contrast

against it by no means necessary that's

not a mistake or anything like that it's

just like oh man this reflective light

would've been so beautiful with a dark

background I also like the subtleties in

the face I don't know if this is maybe a

mistake or if your eyeball is like mine

where my left eyeball is always like

slightly more shut than my right one but

I like how this is slightly more shut

then your right eyeball and beautifully

rendered lip right here like this was

done so well these forms you captured

beautiful gorgeous also watermarks your

artwork I have a video coming out about

this but your artwork is protected by

copyright upon publication so the second

you uploaded this to Instagram you have

happened right if somebody wanted to

photoshop out that watermark they can

easily do it to the point where there's

no point to even have the watermark and

watermarks tend to kind of make your

posts perform a less well than they

otherwise would have I got some of my

eye man I got an eyelash I'm dying

currently don't buy me oh wow you guys I

didn't notice this at first you guys

notice how there is like the skull right

and then you have the actual face of the

animal over on this side I don't see

that part at first that's pretty dope if

you don't see it from all angles these

teeth look oddly human maybe that's just

me I know it's just like you know the

bare bones of the skull sorry for the

pun so I don't really want to say too

too much about it because it's not yet

done and I know this can be taken a lot

farther by the artist so this is looking

really good so far I'm a fan of this for

sure ladies and gentle if you enjoyed

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have you guys around I'll catch you guys

next time but until then peace