Graffiti is NOT art!

hey what's going on everybody it's

copper cap here I just wanted to say

thank you before the video begins and

let you know that a proper shoutout

video is coming this is a bit of old

footage it was filmed a couple of days

ago and yeah I just I want to make a

proper video thanking everybody and I

want to do it with a better camera which

I'll now be able to get thanks to

everybody who is you know sending me


to my paypal and just helping to fund

this journey just keep an eye out for

that and expect that it'll be out this

week new videos every day so you know

thank you all very much

peace yeah I don't really uh I don't

really get the whole street art craze

out here and the cars here

every time I walk by like on the road

they almost hit me I don't know if it's

considered was distracted looking at

these awful paintings I mean I did art

light I did art better than this when I

was in school when I was scribbling on

the [ __ ] desks you know I don't I

mean they have this next to a beautiful

church a Baptist Church I don't I mean

look at all this

it looks like absolute garbage I mean

who in their right [ __ ] mind would be

spray-painting awful stuff like this

it's just a bunch of mess it's all of

this I mean there's literally no talent

required to do this I mean honestly a

baby could draw better than this in fact

my friends he has a little brother

little baby boy a little baby brother he

can literally draw better than this he

does old stickman figures it's just a

bunch of trash it's trash with more

trash and then they got things for opium

on the wall here

this whole place is just [ __ ]

cigarette butts and this is like [ __ ]


not a very clean towel

I gotta get the [ __ ] out of Bristol


I gotta find some way to get some money

and get a something done like something

right some way I could get out of here

yeah I don't know how but the rent here

is apparently not cheap I mean look at

this people

it's just color it's all of this I mean

you can find color in your blood should

I just like cut my legs or my feet and

walk around putting red foot prints

everywhere is that art now it's the same

damn thing uh whatever on in the next

place I guess this [ __ ] disgusting

let me look putting our water bottle in

that [ __ ] hole probably took more

effort than all of this [ __ ] paint on

this wall combined

so [ __ ] ugly see these were beautiful

bricks laid by people with talent and it

took hard work and a long time to build

and then some [ __ ] P majors some

dumbasses came around it's like oh look

at me I never grew up from school where

I you know I was told to stop drawing on

myself in my desk so now I'm gonna just

draw in the buildings and now this is

what you have places like this do you

see what somebody should do is take

these giant erasers and erase all of

this nasty-ass art off the walls and

then this place would start to look a

little better

Cameron where are you dragging me to

right now man this place is kind of

sketchy I'm just hungry dude we'll

figure out the money and all that later

my [ __ ] stuff just keeps falling off

on me dragging on this nasty-ass ground

yeah it's beautiful man it's wonderful

it's [ __ ] drawings on a wall yeah

right next to some other arms by the

wonderful Bristow Liam's here look at

this look at this beautiful art look at

all this beautiful art isn't that

beautiful art right there it looks so

nice here it looks like [ __ ]

man all that is is drawings

it's scribbled and you're filming me

with your camera I'm already filming

right now you don't have to film me

anymore whatever dude

such a [ __ ] dig man