What is IMR (Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy) and when is it used? - Dr. Sindhu Paul

I'm dr. sindu polka ellicott consultant

radiation oncologist working at Manipal

Hospital Bangalore so I am RT or

intensity modulated radiation therapy is

one of the most advanced forms of

tradition in imrt each radiation beam is

subdivided into hundreds of small beams

or which are known as beam 'lets in

density of our strength of each of this

beam which can be modulated or modified

by using various be modifying devices

known as multi leaf kilometers or a


so I am are T is of particularly it is

valuable or useful in creating some

targets with either a concave or complex

shape or with close proximity to

radiosensitive nearby structures

this technique is mainly useful in

situations either we have to give a very

high dose of radiation to the tumor or

target example carcinoma prostate or

prostate cancer or where we have to

restrict those to addison critical

radiosensitive vital organs example a

sin had any concern that the spinal cord

will be coming in close proximity to the

tumor or target I Amata can be delivered

by two mechanisms either the MLCs can

move and treat this is known as a

dynamic mode also known as a sliding

window mode or MLCs will remain static

will acquire some specific shapes and

treat which is known as a static or

segmented MLC mlc technique i Amata can

also be used for intensity modulated arc

treatment as well