How soon is too soon to move in with your boyfriend or girlfriend

hey and welcome to ask Diana TV the

channel to tune into for answers to your

questions about life love and

relationships so today's question is how

soon is too soon to move in with your

significant other select with most

things that have to do with

relationships there isn't always a right

or wrong answer and ultimately whether

you like it or not you got to use your

judgment and your intuition but I will

say that in my experience anything under

a year is really soon

you just haven't had a chance to get to

know enough about each other and if

you've read any of my past articles or

watched my videos you know I'm a huge

fan of taking time I totally get it when

you're spending so much of your time

together and in each other's spaces it

just makes sense financially right to

move in together I mean why should you

both be paying rent and taking that time

to travel to each other's homes but I

will say that finances should not be the

major motivator

you two have really got to be ready for

this step if you're taking your

relationship seriously the two of you

have to have a super solid foundation

before joining your life together and

bringing your relationship to such a

serious place because it is serious to

live with someone I mean you gotta have

talks about finances combine your

belongings and all those secret weird

habits that you're doing your own space

they're not gonna stay secret for very

long you've also got to be prepared to

take care of each other if you're living

with someone who isn't your roommate

inevitably you're gonna be cooking and

cleaning for each other taking care of

each other when you're sick considering

one another in your decisions and seeing

each other and your happiness sadness

etc I mean it's real talk I remember a

few years back a friend of mine had

moved in with her boyfriend before she

was really really certain that she was

ready I can say she wasn't a hundred

percent sure there was small doubts but

the thing that proved to be most

difficult for her was feeling married

and feeling like a wife before she was

really ready to be one

just proved to be too much too soon but

above all I think what's most important

when two people are coming together to

join lives and build a home is that

they're good with themselves know how to

control their emotions create their own

happiness and are just all-around at

peace because without that you can be

sure you're gonna burden each other and

have more explosive fights more often

than not and then you're gonna think

that your relationship should end and

that it isn't a good relationship or

meant to be when maybe all that it

needed was time whatever it is that you

choose I just ask that you do so


with an open heart and with love because

if it isn't now it can be later and

taking time can make all the difference

between your relationship flourishing or

falling to its demise so I hope that

does answer your question please do keep

your questions coming through on ask -

Dinah calm and I will see you next