Life Update / Moving in with Boyfriend, Quitting YouTube?

i don't know how to start this video hi

it's been a while

let me just say i gotta say i'm not

the best youtuber literally like people

you and my friends are asking me like

are you still doing youtube like

are you still posting videos you know

because i literally just don't post any

videos and

honestly like i have no excuse actually

i do but that that's a really bad excuse

but like i'm just in a different season

of my life long story short if you guys

follow me on instagram i started dating

and you guys know that when you start

dating you're just like in a different

world and

you're just not really i don't know like

i literally just started dating

so i just blamed my boyfriend

i basically started dating beginning of

the summer time

i knew him for three years but literally

all summer long and until now like it's

just i haven't really been like

concentrated on work and you know since

like covet hit and this pandemic i

really did not want to be on social

media like i just couldn't like i would

wake up

check my social media and instantly i'm

like in a bad mood just because like


you really don't know what to believe

anymore you know everybody has different

opinions and honestly all opinions aside

i decided to put my mental health first

and i was like you know

like i'm just gonna not participate in

any of this

and just focus on the good that's in my

life and

just be happy and make the most out of

the season that i'm in so

so today is a get ready with me and

we're just going to chitchat i'm going

to fill you guys in a little bit on

what's happening in my life and just

give you guys a life update

this year 2020 has been quite

crazy but

yeah i'm just ready for this here to be

over honestly let's get to doing some

makeup i'm going to push my hair back

just so it's not in my way when i'm

doing oh this is kind of

this is kind of cute do i look like a

little six-year-old

with these clips whatever it's still

kind of cute

made of my oat milk latte it's

officially fall season so i'm back

to drinking hot coffee i'm gonna zoom

you guys in

i asked you guys on my instagram what

questions you guys want me to answer

things about my life what's you know

what's new because literally i was at

mia like seriously let me just fill you

guys in on what what what's the t

so obviously you guys want to know more


my boyfriend just because actually this

entire time i was on youtube

every time somebody would ask i was like

yeah i'm single

i'm not really you know talking to

anybody i was really just focused on my

career and myself

perfecting loving who i am you know

flourishing in my business meeting

friends making memories going traveling

like i really

fully i feel like embraced my singleness

and that was

such a good time for me like i loved

being single like it was actually not

not a bad experience for me you just

want to fall in love with yourself first

you know you just want to like just

love who you are just discover who you

are because

when you start dating if you don't love

yourself you're not gonna love the other

person that's just how it is that's how

i think it is

so i met my boyfriend three years ago

we were at church camp and we were on

the same team

this guy legit made me laugh

the entire time i was at camp like we

were just constantly like

joking and cracking up and just throwing

shade at each other and

it was so much fun and i remember coming

back home and i'm telling my sister

natalia and she's like joking around and

she's like

hey so did you meet anybody you know any

potentials and i was like no not really

but there's this one guy that made me

crack up

and i want to hang out with him and so

ever since then like

we we always stayed friends but we never

really pursued one another it was never


let's date because we were still really

young it just was not the right time so

a year ago last summer so 2019

was when we actually legit like

reconnected and

beginning of this summer we started

officially dating so now

we're four months into four months yeah

four months officially dating

um and it's been a really good four

months like honestly like i'm really


and it's just in such a new season that

i'm in

i'm sure he will be in one of my videos

and then we can like fully like get into

the nitty gritty details

and like talk about our love story but

in the meantime i'm gonna keep it short

and simple but yeah

that was kind of how

we met we met at church camp which is a

really cool way to me i mean

it was fun like we had a good time

he didn't see me on my glamorous side

because camp is camp you know what i

mean but

yes all right so i just applied uh got

to be ultra glue to my eyebrows just to

give them a little framing and

definition but nothing too crazy

and then i'm just going to be doing like

a really muted

um fall everyday makeup look something

really easy and natural because i'm not

really trying to go

too extreme with my makeup today i'm

gonna just spray a little bit of this

milani rose water prep and fresh

spray i just did my skincare routine so

i don't want to apply a primark since

my skin is already pretty much primed

this smells so good

the foundation that i will be using is

the your skin

your skin but better foundation plus

since skincare

this is in the shade light warm 22.5

shoot it's a little too light for my

skin tone but i'm going to mix it in

with the current shade that i use

which is medium warm 32

i'm gonna just mix these two because

this was my summer shade and it's a


too dark for me

i have a few other questions somebody

asked me would i move in with my


before marriage and the answer to that


no i'm just opening a cosmetics brush

sorry guys

you guys i got the biggest pimple right

here from wearing my masks

it's literally so this is kind of

disgusting i'm sorry i'm talking about


but anyways i am more traditional when

it comes to stuff like this so i


like to date first with serious

intentions get to know the person

fall in love blah blah blah and then

get married and then move in as a

married couple and then just start your

life together

i think there's just something so

beautiful about

about that and no shade or

no i'm not like i don't care if you

choose think otherwise i really don't

but that's just the way i was brought up

and i just i love that i love living

with my sisters i live with my sisters

right now

um it's like a perfect scenario for us

so we're gonna continue living here in

this house until like one of us get


i'm gonna go in with the nars this is um

paradise found bronzing powder it's a


bronzer it had like gold shimmer all

over it i'm going to use this to bronze

up my skin

and everything like that next up i want

to actually talk to you guys about


that i decided i decided to actually get

hair extensions i'm getting them

installed really really soon

i already purchased them they're going

to be the individual ones where they

attach to your natural hair in like

little capsules

and then you just have long hair

i'm not gonna do super long i'm doing 20


um i just miss my long hair

and i just i don't know like i just want

something different like i want a

different look

so i'm gonna have these until like my

natural hair grows out and then i will

rethink the hair extensions

but in the meantime while my hair is

still nice and short

i want a little a little length in my

life you know what i mean

so that is what i am doing i'm so

excited you guys

i never in my life had hair extensions

and oh my goodness they are

a little more on the pricier side not

gonna lie but like i feel like hair

extensions is something that you have to

invest in otherwise it just won't look

as good

and so oh my gosh it was this pimple i

don't know if you guys can see that

it's so like inflamed from wearing masks

it's so bad

i'm really excited if you guys want i

can vlog the experience

of getting them installed uh i'm gonna

have a hairdresser

do my hair extensions so

we will see oh i'm

really excited just bronzing up the

sides of my nose this is the lc

f7 brush oh my gosh also you guys

my vlogging camera ended up breaking on

my trip to arizona in september and i'm

so sad i started vlogging

and then when i went to go take some

photos you know

my camera legit just would not turn on

so i have to go to the camera repair


and get that fixed because i can't vlog

anything until i get it fixed

i'm going to use this ellie girl just

blushing blush in

just natural it's a really pretty


cutesy blush and i'm just using this a


brush right yes and i'm just like

applying it to like the tops of my

nose and then like apples on my cheeks

just to give me like that really cute

like blush

look i love this foundation so much

and then for my highlight i'm gonna go

in with the galani celestial skin

illuminizing powder and

tease this is another favorite of mine

all right let's see what other questions

there are quitting youtube

no few people ask me if i'm quitting

youtube and honestly

no i'm just a really bad youtuber right

now like

i'm missing in action literally like i

i'm honestly like i should be ashamed of

myself because

why am i being so like why am i slacking

you know what i mean i shouldn't be


but i hope you guys have some grace for

me and forgive me for

being so m.i.a um i don't see myself

quitting youtube for a while i just i

really actually enjoy it

i do see myself doing other stuff

youtube has just always been

a fun way to just go reconnect with you


do my makeup and just hang out you know

favorite fall drinks i'm so boring when

it comes to

my fall drinks oh my gosh actually from


the pumpkin cream cold foam cold brew

is like so good like honestly that is

like one of my favorite fall drinks from

starbucks and then

the fall winter time like approaching to

winter time

the white chocolate peppermint mocha

so good last time i had it it was way

too sweet for me because now that i

drink like unsweetened coffee

but like i remember when i loved sweet

coffee like that was my

jam like i loved it it's

so good and it like tasted like a candy


like a sweet like chocolatey candy cane

and my coffee tastes

so good i'm going to take some of this

bronzer and eye brush and i'm going to

just take that along

my lid i don't really have i literally

just make my coffee at home now i

recently just purchased a whole bunch of


syrups like peppermint syrup white

chocolate mocha syrup

salted caramel syrup like all kinds of


to like experiment with drinks because i

actually really enjoy

making coffee and i do coffee at home

all the time

you know i actually you guys applied for

a barista job recently and i

but i didn't take it it was so like in

spur of the moment because like

i do coffee on my church and like i

loved like

doing coffee like it was genuinely so

much fun and i was like man it would be

actually kind of fun to have like a

part-time breeze to job you know

i went and i got an interview and

everything like that and it was like

the best hours everything was like there

was nothing wrong with it but then i'm

just like thinking man is this

is this going to distract me even more

from like youtube and like work

and so i didn't take it my phone was

blowing up so i was like you know i'm

just going to focus on my business

just focus on investing into my future

and so i didn't take the job but being a

barista is a really fun job who's ever a

barista honestly like let me live


you because that just seems like so much


not starbucks so starbucks just seems

seems way too stressful like my best

friend works at starbucks

and like literally i'm just like kudos

to you girl because

that's like way too stressful but um i

want to talk to you guys about this one

mascara this is the elf keep your curl

mascara this mascara is

seriously the best like there's so many

mascaras that

smudge on me this one will last

like this one does not go anywhere and

it's not waterproof or anything

it is so good i think this actually has

to be one of my favorite trickster


it beats the l'oreal telescopic l'oreal


those are beautiful but they just

eventually just start smudging on me

and so i just love this one so much

this has literally been like my everyday

go-to makeup

very very simple and fresh for the lip i

want to do a little bit more of a fall

lip color so we'll see how that goes

first i'm going to line my lips with the

l'oreal paris color rich lip liner in

mating call just to give my lips some


and then i have these makeup forever

lipsticks these are the artists

row artists lipsticks i'm gonna try this

one this one's in the shade

one one two chic brick

mmm smells so good and then i'm gonna go

in with the too faced lip gloss


in soulmates

this has been pretty much like my

everyday makeup and

the hair i just crimped it gives me lots

of volume that way

um i'm so excited to get my hair


i can't wait thank you guys so much for


i love you hope you guys are having an

amazing day or night whenever you're

watching this

and i will talk to you guys very very