Man do I have some pretty looking flowers growing in the vegetable garden this year and I want to tell you all about them

So this is my designated flower area in the vegetable garden this year and I've got three different species

Planted a double row of each. I've got my cosmos versailles mix over here

I've got my giant zinnias here lots of different colors there and behind me here

I've got our ageratum on this first row here

We've got our cosmos versailles mix and man these things sure enough put out some flowers

The bees love these things and we've got some pink ones here in the mix

Some red ones and some white ones and what I really like about these is they make a nice bushy plant

So when we plant them on double rows that we have here

It really suppresses the weeds in here and we just get a nice looking stand of flowers that all the pollinators love

And on our second row here, we've got all these nice big blooms with our binary giant zinnias

We showed you how we transplant those on a previous video planting them double rows from transplants in the spring

We've got our binary giant mix here on one end and on the other end

We've got some of the lime ones and some of the white ones and with the mix you get orange, yellow, red

pink, coral all kind of good colors out of all the zinnia colors. These lime ones here are probably my favorite

It's just a beautiful color that you don't see a lot in nature

Just a really nice light green

Lime color one that goes well with those white ones in this row right here and in this third row here

We've got a flower variety that I've never grown before

Until this year and this is called ageratum and it makes tons of these little purple

Flower clusters here and the native bees especially the tiny ones really love this stuff

My guess is that the pollen is really accessible for those really small bees

But they're just all over these flowers feeding on them all times of the day. It seems like

This is a great plant

If you want to kind of shade out weeds and have some nice ground cover

Has a lot of vegetation and when you plant it on double rows like we did right here

It really shades out the soil and you don't have a lot of weed problems

So I've really been happy with how this grows the one thing I will say about it

It does seem to be a little more water hungry than some of the other flower varieties

It will start wilting when it gets hot quicker than some of the other ones will but we've got drip irrigation

Below this double row here so we can give it all the water it needs

So all of those flowers there the cosmos the zinnias and the ageratum are all doing really good now

Let's jump over to this other garden plot and check on our pro cut sunflowers

So here's our patch of Pro cut sunflowers that we planted on a previous video

with our Hoss garden seeder

And if you saw that video what we did was we just took a bunch of different colors mixed them all together

put them in that garden seeder hopper and they just planted them like a dream when you direct seed them like this you get a

really nice thick stand

We couldn't even transplant them this close if we tried, but when we direct seed them when that garden seeder

They all come up really nice and we get a nice thick dense stand of sunflowers another reason for planting them

So dense is that we get some really nice

Stratification there's your big word for the day

Stratification so what that means is we get some blooms that come out here

About five or six foot tall some that grow on up to about 8 or 9 foot tall

So we get a nice little array of blooms that are shorter some that are taller and it really just makes for a beautiful

stand of

Sunflowers this color here is the white nite variety and so this is a white sunflower now

It's not bleached white

But it's as white as you're going to get with the sunflower really pretty color

More of a rare sunflower color and it just makes a nice bloom

Some of these blooms are a little smaller because I planted them so dense, but that's okay

We like small blooms and big blooms around here

So this here is our orange pro cut sunflower variety, and this is more of a traditional

Sunflower color kind of a deep yellow to orange petal there and then we've got our lemon Pro cut sunflower here

Which is probably about halfway between the white and the orange so it's darker than the white

but certainly lighter than the orange a nice light yellow

petal color here

Which is a great addition to this pro cut sunflower mix that I planted and then we've got some varieties that are bicolor

So this one right here is called the red lemon bicolor Pro cut sunflower

You can see it's got the red on the inside of the blooms there and the lemon color on the outside of the blooms

so a nice little

Bicolor sunflower to add to the mix and then the last one here we have is called plum

Now this one's a little bit bicolor as well, but it's got more red than the red lemon bicolor

So the red is a little deeper and extends out a little further on the petals now from one

bloom of these to the next you will see a little bit of

variation as far as how much red you get and how deep the red is this is probably one of the deeper color ones in

This sunflower patch. So I hope you enjoyed this flower themed tour of the vegetable garden today

Lots of good things going on around here

Lots of nice big pretty blooms lots of beneficial insects and pollinators as a result folks

It's not too late to get some of these planted in your vegetable garden

No matter what zone you live in you can still get some of these planted

Still bring in those beneficial insects and those pollinators to help out your vegetable plants

I'll put some links below to our flower varieties so you can check those out. I hope you enjoyed this video

We'll see you next time.