Blue Flowering Ground Cover


blue flowering ground cover

if maintaining a water guzzling lawn is

too much work for you

consider the ground cover alternative

ground cover plants are available in a

wide array of colors with blue being a

classic favorite once the ground cover

has taken hold it acts as a living mulch

suppressing weeds by crowding out and

shading them prepare the soil prior to

planting by loosening removing weeds and

adding high quality compost to speed the

spread of the plants with healthy vigor



big leaf periwinkle vinca meter is a

ground cover to endure in spots in the

yard where other ground covers have

found it is a tough evergreen that grows

well in both shade and Sun and on both

level ground and hillsides soft blue one

inch wide flowers open in late spring if

planted near other flowers big leaf

periwinkle will overrun and smother them

with its aggressive nature it thrives in

USDA zones four through nine


carne plumbago


another aggressive ground-cover growing

well in USDA zones five through nine is

Hardeep lumbago Saratov stigma plum vega

noids this long list deep blue flowering

plant quickly spreads through the

landscape providing its colorful show in

the early fall as the flowers finish the

leaves slowly turned to a red shade for

continued vivid garden color time leaf

speed well

a less aggressive slow-growing

covers time leaf speed well Veronica

offenses at only one inch high it can be

inserted between concrete or stone

pavers are given its own corner in the

landscape party the USDA zones four

through nine this tough evergreen sports

blue flowers in the early spring


Turkish speed well a member of the same

family as time leaf speed well Turkish

speed well Veronica I winces as a

ground-hugging shiny evergreen foliage

that creates a thick two inch carpet in

early spring spikes of tiny blue flowers

pop up to welcome the warmer weather

this flowering ground cover thrives in

USDA zones four through eight meeting

some shade in the hotter areas of its



resh holds Bellflower

resh hope spell flower camp annual of

horton schlocky anna is a garden

favorite with its deep blue bell-shaped

flowers on slender stems the flowers are

held above a mat of small glossy green

leaves this blue ground cover is Hardy

to USDA zones four through eight beside

seduced on flat ground reach Lots

Bellflower is very pretty as it cascades

over a rock wall


it could Luke Humphrey


it could blue come free some fightin

grandiflorum has many clear blue

downward-facing blossoms as an early

spring bloomer it's blue flowers are a

complement to yellow daffodils if

planted in the same garden bed this

flowering ground cover grows well on

USDA zones four through nine