The Importance of Spaying and Neutering Pets

hi I'm dr. military veteran hospital I'm

here to talk with you today about the

importance of staying in the rear

analyst there's really three big reasons

three big categories that I like to talk

to others about for the reason why I

recommend staying in room the first one

being that the United States in the

world is tremendously over populated

with with dogs and cats each year

approximately seven point six million

dollars in calves across the United

States inner shelters and of that 7.6

million 2.7 million of those get

euthanized and as a pet owner lover and

as a veterinarian that members is

sickening to me and one of the biggest

components of spaying neutering is

preventing unexpected litters my second

reason for one AB dogs and cats failure

and early age is to prevent health

issues as a veterinarian that's pretty

much my job so the the two big things

that can happen with a female dog and

that are intact is they can develop

what's called pyometra which is an

infection of their uterus this is

life-threatening it often involves

hospitalization and emergency surgery

this gets very expensive the the lower

cost of a spay is roughly between four

and five hundred dollars the rough cost

of a patent etre and coming in being

hospitalized for a few days in the

surgery it's closer to around a

three-thousand-dollar range so this is

something that a lot of people will

financial constraints are sometimes a

reason not to spay or neuter and this is

one big reason we're prevention is much

more affordable than later on down the


disease occurs the second health issue

with female dog female intact Daleks is

man or cancer dogs just like people

develop breast cancer and in dogs this

is a very aggressive can services in

people and if we say female dogs prior

to the first heat or after therefore C

prior to their second they're far less

likely to develop this cancer its

astronomical difference we almost never

see man or cancer and a state female dog

and the cases that we do see are usually

over attacking us so by doing this again

saves a lot of money the help of your

dog is most important and these cancers

are aggressive and can really shorten

their your dog's life there are also

some health concerns with intact males

that make them produce those to certain

diseases this is these include

testicular cancer and prostatic disease

the prostatic disease to involve an

infection involved in the prostate and

also what's called benign prostatic

hyperplasia which is a disease that we

see where the prostate enlarges it it

actually is reversible with new learning

so if you do it an or dog it's not too

late and we can also with testicular

cancer they develop that we concentrator

at that time but we can easily prevent

these these procedures become more

expensive as dogs get over because it's

a more complicated procedure if you do

it in the younger we prevent these

diseases and it's cheaper and easier

under wall method reason for having dogs

and cats spayed neutered in an early age

is to prevent behavioral issues these

behaviors include roaming which male

dogs and cats that are intact are

notorious for getting hit by cars

because they're out seeking female maids

that are better in heat these dogs can

easily disappear any cover cover miles

not only putting them at risk for

getting hit by car but also just being

lost in

turn into your home the second

behavioral issue is aggression when when

we have aggressive aggressive dogs an

asshold it's common that they're intact

and unfortunately if we wait too long

these behaviors if say that we wait for

these behaviors development acting up

dog there are a couple of years old and

they start to be fearful and aggressive

when we need to at that time you're less

likely to to fix the problem it's easier

to prevent the problem than to fix it

another behavior that is that common

that causes a problem in households with

under your nails is inappropriate

urination this this is more common cast

male cats that are that are castrated

that you will when female cats are

sergeant become an eat then even if

they're outside not even in your home

the male cats can sense that the

urinator on the house marking their

territory that owners come in mad as can

be because our house smells like cat

urine and this this is almost eliminated

if it's if neutering is done early so

those are my three main reasons why i

recommend spaying and neutering here a

deep in any Hospital we recommend spent

neuter their animals at six months of

age at this age the animals are just

coming up you Bertie and at this time if

you say at this time you prevent all the

health issues as well as the behavioral