How To Water Your Lawn After Seeding

so you got your new seat put down on

your lawn but you need to know how to

properly water it today that's exactly

what we're going to go over in this

video it's coming right up


so watering your new lawn is actually

one of the most important steps out of

all these steps that we've completed as

part of our lawn renovation so if you

don't have the consistency of watering

and the commitment to do it then all

this hard work that you put in will

probably not turn out as well as you had

hoped I think I find that a lot of

people underestimate how much commitment

it does take to water a new lawn

especially if you have a larger area and

especially if you don't have an

irrigation system so just keep that in

mind that you're going to need to commit

to this sometimes weeks at a time maybe

even a month of consistent daily

watering if you're not getting rain so

the question I've been getting a lot is

how much do we need to water now usually

when we talk about watering the lawn

we're talking about putting an inch on

it a week maybe a little bit more than

that during our summer months but when

you're seeding a new lawn you're not

going to talk about actual specific

measurements of how much water you're

putting down but we're just going to

talk about keeping the seed wet and not

letting it dry out but we also don't

want to go too far with our watering to

where we're having puddles on the yard

or removing seed around because we have

too much water so there's a fine line in

between there of too much and too little

but we need to find that happy medium in

between so again just to reiterate we

need to keep the seed from drying out

and that's pretty much the concept but

we just need to keep going day after day

with our light waterings and making sure

that that seed does not dry out and once

things germinate and you have some

actual grass growing we can begin to

taper that off a little bit so another

question I get a lot related to that

watering then is when should I be

watering so for me where I'm located

right now this time of year we get quite

a bit of dew on the lawn overnight the

humidity is kind of high and the

temperatures fall and then you get some

do setting on the yard up until about

mid morning or so so once I do is kind

of worn off somewhere around 10:00 or

11:00 a.m. is when I would do my first

watering so again when we're talking

about light waterings you're probably

only going to need about 15 to 20

minutes on this yard and that will take

care of it keep it going for a couple

hours before we hit it with some water


so again just depending on how hot it is

that should get us to about two o'clock

in the afternoon do another light

watering at that time then look late

evening maybe somewhere around between 4

& 5 see what things look like at that

point and once you hit watering then

as the Sun is going down you should be

okay all the way until the next day just

keep an eye on your actual seed maybe

you have a little bit of a sandy soil

that might need a little bit more water

because things are gonna dry out more

quickly so rain is obviously going to be

our best-case scenario so we don't have

to do all this manual watering also

remember though if you get a rainstorm

you could have some actual problems

where it washes away some seed and

that's why in my previous video where I

talked about how to actually seed the

yard I covered this with something

called peat moss to try to hold seed in

place so if there is rain in the

forecast you kind of have to factor that

in as well

so keep an eye on your weather and this

will help as well to kind of plan out

how much watering you need to do the

other big topic to touch on would be

what kind of sprinklers to use so back

this summer I made a video on various

types of sprinklers and kind of the pros

and cons to each one so I will link to

that if you want to check out that video

but for watering this new lawn we really

want a delicate sprinkler if possible so

either an oscillating type that kind of

has that fan action that kind of mimics

like rain coming down that would be a

good option or what I'm using here for

my DIY setup which I've talked about

many many times and I'll have all the

info for that in the description below

as well so this is actually an in-ground

sprinkler that I'm just using above the

ground kind of hooked together with

hoses and these are the MP rotator heads

on there so they're very gentle and kind

of slow watering system this works

perfectly for seeding or over seeding

and of course watering your yard as well

but I found that it's very gentle on new

seed doesn't move it around too much it

kind of keeps things in place and we're

not throwing out too much water at one

time which is really nice so if you do

happen to have some other types like an

impact type sprinkler these are a little

bit harsh on new seeded areas so you

have to keep that in mind that until

there's some grass growing there I've

really suggest a sprinkler that puts out

water and a little bit more of a gentle

fashion also something that's kind of

related to sprinklers is maybe you're

interested in some kind of watering

timer I will link to a bunch of

different options on Amazon down in the

description below so you can check out

some different options so personally for

me I haven't been using a timer because

I have a little bit of a leak in my

spigot right now which I need to fix but

if you are interested in timers that

could help you out a lot kind of make

this less of a manual process and kind

of automate things a little bit

let's say you have a small area as well

like I have kind of over here if you

have the time to do it you could get

away with just hand watering and you

don't need to deal with really a

sprinkler system at all so for larger

areas there's obviously no way to hand

water this but don't underestimate

actually just hand watering some areas

if you have some small area to cover

keep in mind as well that sometimes it's

going to be a windy day when you're

trying to water this I just experienced

this yesterday and the water was kind of

not hitting certain areas because of the

wind so I had to get out of hose and

hand water a couple of different areas

to make sure they didn't dry out so just

keep that in mind as well that you can

think you have everything set up the

weather plays a big part into all this

so just keep an eye on your actual seed

so questions or comments I'm watering

let me know down in the comments below

and I'll try to answer some questions

there thanks so much for watching this

video we'll see you next time