you ready for the dudes this is gonna be

so guys what we're doing right now is we

actually sneaking into our Christmas

tree well you actually open some

Christmas presents but only our parents

are asleep it's 12 o'clock at night and

we're gonna do this job dude all right

I'm gonna go turn away that Sun let's

open up some of these gifts but guys if

you want to see us open all of these

presents what you guys have to do is

smash that like button I'm gonna give

you guys five seconds if we hit a

million likes on this video that's just

crazy it's I don't even know if it's

possible if we do that we're gonna open

up all these presents before Christmas

to smash that like button guys you got

five seconds four three two one also

guys if you haven't already subscribed

as well to see us open up all of these

presents cuz if you're not subscribed

you're gonna miss out a big present and

we're not supposed to but let's just do

it oh my goodness which present you are

hoping for


the ones close because that one or is it

protective clothes if we take the

clothes once guys they might not notice

by cool guys

Johnny's gonna open up first Johnny what

is your gift right now um if I'm

guessing I'm gonna guess it is just a

bodega come on I'm guessing it's bacon

all right ready guys here we go

we don't want our parents to hear phones

these are so cool

Bukit ah these are sick boy Pro RGB


oh my goodness these they are sounds

like a hundred and seventy dollar

headphones they are so cool man I feel

bad coding this behind it sir what like

Tommy said a million likes guys 1

million lights and we will open the rest

of these bus bus you suppose you give us

oh my goodness guys I think I think this

is a blotch oh no oh my goodness no good

luck guys

daddy's so

that's a brand new watch no.not is so

cool man I feel like we need to rewrap

these let's have a feel I don't know we

might have to should we open one more

extremist you got it you got to

subscribe if you want us to open up one

more gift we're gonna know if you

subscribe so I can feel a lot of this

extremist ocean I think they're pressing

the subscribe Johnny open up one more

all right what is this like a block of


it really does like a chocolate bar this

is gonna be so cool oh my goodness

that is so cool oh my goodness look at

that right now guys Charlie's soaked I

think you just opened up way under the

most expensive gear this is so exciting

I think there's like two thousand

dollars or something probably more on my

goodness I can't even I feel like we

need to rewrap this now I feel so bad

look at this look at this we still have

all these why are we opening this right

now what we found for no Mike I don't

know who's supposed to do this I'm

opening another you're crazy

I needed this I needed this for my

computer it's a cooling fan oh my

goodness I actually needed this you know

tell me I'm gonna get on to the next I

literally needed this it's my cooling

fan can I have this no I think this is

actually meant the cooling plant fan

unfortunately doesn't compare to the ex

I just thought

I feel bad I should open that I feel bad

I feel so bad I well we're kind of just

plucking you yeah I guess all right

let's say good philosophy it is down

just a lot so I'm gonna I'm in there oh


look at that guy's oh my goodness it's a

set course he is so cool now you got the

keyboard and the headset is so cool guys

multicolored so it's multicolored that

is amazing right there oh my god once

again if you want to see us open up all

the rest of these before Christmas we'll

sleep around here again and open all of

them and we might even show you our

parents reaction you need to smash your

life and subscribe right now guys if you

want to see all that

if you hit a million movie open will do

that 1 million that's crazy but if you

do it we'll do it I don't know should we

go one more reach dude I feel bad for

you right now I couldn't my friend x+

these two and stuff do you want me to

find you find me a gift I don't even

know I've got the magic touch

I've got to find you a good one Tommy ah

oh there is a lot of presents right here

there is a lot of presence actually come

over here I'm getting a really strong

feeling like we're on the right side

it's over here it's over here that's it

that's it right there dude that is it my

goodness the weight to it

whoa you I don't even know what could be

I'm gonna stand open this already guys

are cool this is a sacred site good come

on Tommy I feel like this is a really

good present

but we're opening another good present

oh my goodness no dude this is actually

so epic but I already have these wait

what oh you're saying what I got you

want got me one of these oh and the

what's inside the box challenge sorry oh

my goodness there just opened your

Getzel okay this is too far do i we've

gotten too far into my work so where is

that mine we've gone too far in case we

don't know what are we doing we are

actually so clueless

dude mom and dad got us is we don't know

should I grab you one more time do it if

you want to yeah but dude I've got so

much thank you what this I think this is

a big cool pedo okay but what about you

man I feel bad

uncle survive I think I like Oh Jordan

needs oh they smell fresh so you this is

so sick dude I think I just felt so bad

I think we need a wrap

I'm serious just think about mom and dad

get up right you guys comment down below

right now if you should read wrap these

I'm putting back online afraid what if

we should just use them before Christmas

where are they gonna do what you guys

say we do so comment that down below got

1 million likes

and you guys know we will open all of

these before Christmas so many that's I

know but if they do it we will do it

literal do it if you guys do it sir

smash that like button and subscribe and

we'll see you guys in the next one see

you later guys - see you later guys bye

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here and today what we have is another

amazing video what all the torques been

about recently is there is a new

mcdonalds a box war that we are going to

eat at and i am super pumped because

this place is apparently really good and

i don't i don't know if it's true or not

but i can tell you right now this is

gonna be awesome to see if it is cool

what what it's like as well curse to eat

from a box or i don't know because i got

a challenge for you right now i wear to

smash that like button and subscribe

within 5 seconds I know this is longer

than normal but I want you to do with

this part of your finger if you do this

you're on extrema and your timer starts

now guys 5 4 3 2 1 if you did it if you

smash the like button and subscribe but

this part of your finger comment down

below you did up but guys we're gonna

head off to the box wall right now I'm

super pumped I hope that this box watch

has nice food because it's been really

talked about a lot so I mean let's just

let's just get I'm gonna just go for

right now this is gonna be so cool guys

a box for my gate we're getting cooked

when you only there guys it's not that

far away this is so cool