Why It's Never Too Late to see Your Dental Hygienist

hello everybody a dream is tea here with

dental L so let's talk about why is it

never too late to see a dental hygienist

and I say a dental hygienist and not a

dentist because I do have my own my own

on practice so I I own a dental L mobile

hygiene so i actually come to your home

to clean your teeth teeth teeth

whitening i do exams everything so i

actually come to your home children

adults seniors it doesn't matter i see

anybody so why is it not too late ever

and i say it's because i've been seeing

a lot of patients lately that have you

know called me they have sent me a

message and they have said it's been

like 13 years since i've been to a

dentist can you help me yes absolutely

you guys it's never too late even if you

think your teeth are horrible they're

probably not even if they are horrible

it doesn't matter this is what i love to

do so i help your mouth be in the

healthiest state possible i do see a lot

of patients where they think that that's

not possible they think even if it's

just been a couple years yes that's a

long time but still it doesn't matter

even if it's been a couple years i have

patients that say i don't think you can

help me my mouth is horrible i am sorry

but i want to get on the right track

it's never too late if it's been two

years it might take a couple hours to do

a teeth cleaning even if you don't want

it all done in one on one appointment i

could come back to do it but it doesn't

matter you guys it is so important to

get the mouth healthy because if the

mouth isn't healthy

you're not as healthy as you could be

even if you think your teeth are

horrible I can make things look amazing

trust me

even if you have so much you know stain

you don't know what to do with it I can

take that stain off and your teeth will

look amazing I have patients say all the

time oh my goodness thank you so much

for helping me my mouth was in such bad

shape but now it just looks

much better and you know it's just so

much healthier for you guys so it's

never too late if it's been 20 years 2

years 10 years 30 years if you've never

been to a dentist it doesn't matter you

always have to start somewhere even if

it's as simple as we sang to you okay

things actually look pretty good but we

need to do a good cleaning it's going to

take about 2 hours do you want to do it

all today or do half today half the next

time even if I say there's a lot of

stain it's going to take also a couple

hours I suggest using a new toothpaste

maybe because some people have low pH in

their mouth where even if you have a

mouth full of cavities that it's it

could be because you are using the wrong

toothpaste some people need a neutral

toothpaste to help to neutralize

everything inside the mouth so then that

way that cavity that cavities bacteria

doesn't have a chance to actually start

in the first place so that's just it

even if you think you're doing

everything you possibly can if if you're

using a toothbrush every day twice a day

if you're using a Waterpik once a day

because you say I don't really like to

use the floss so I use the Waterpik

that's ok if you're using the mouthwash

every night but you still get cavities

you're probably using the wrong

toothpaste for your mouth so I can

actually tell what type of toothpaste

you need to use even if you go to the to

the dentist and you just and you

typically have five cavities every

single time I can probably help you so

the next time you see them or me you

will not get any cavities because it

depends on the pH in your mouth you

might not even be using the right

toothbrush you might not be using it the

right way

so I can help you guys with everything

so I have been a dental hygienist for

almost 15 years now you guys plus I do

um hold a specialty certificate in

dental hygiene so that actually allows

me to do a lot more than your typical

dental hygienist can do so I am so much

more than than just cleaning the teeth I

can actually die I'm diagnosed a lot of

things that your dental hygienist might

not be able to do but if you're seeing a

dentist now that is perfect you guys

that is okay you can still see them and

you would see me for the teeth cleanings

overall if I if I feel you have a large

cavity that I can't take care of so I

can actually take care of small cavities

that do not need needles do not need the

high speed handpiece but they have to be

tight so as a dental hygiene as a dental

hygienist with a specialty certificate I

can actually take care of small cavities

big ones though I do have to refer you

back to your dentist because they might

have to take that out with the high

speed handpiece if it's touching the

nerve you might need a root canal but

that's another story for another day but

I can actually do a lot of things where

you might not need to see your dentist

every six months you can see them every

year but kind of save money that way

because I can do the teeth cleaning

everything else but I would still say to

see them once a yearly just for a dental

exam because they can see things that I

can't see necessarily but I can catch

things before they get a lot worse -

needing a root canal so it's never too

late even I've had a lot of patients

that say wow I thought my teeth were so

much worse you have given me hope thank

you so if you're nervous to see a

dentist you don't have to see a dentist

right away see me and I can give you an

honest opinion and see how things look

plus I do have a little digital camera

to actually take pictures so not x-rays

so I can take pictures inside your mouth

too and that is an amazing tool to just

kind of show you what your teeth look

like and I can teach you guys about like

plaque charter on pH cavities the whole

works and if you guys don't know I do I

tutor a dental hygiene and Dental

Assisting students also so I do teach

so I am all about dental I've been

teaching for about 15 years too so I am

all about dental ask me anything I will

probably know the answer okay I'm quite

the dental nerd so let me know you guys

if you have questions need help any time

send me a message anytime day or night

doesn't matter so thank you guys so much

for watching I hope this helped you and

I'll see you in the next one