Hand surgery recovery | Physical Therapy Exercises for My Finger

alright guys so this is gonna be a quick

one it's just a little update on the

pinkie and then we're gonna move off of

this pinkie thing because I need to get

some videos done about plants guys but

this one's mainly for two people one for

me because I want to see this 10 or 20

years from now be able to look back on

it in to for Cindy because she just

wants to see the wound anyway here you

go I'm gonna undress this thing I'm

gonna tell you what I went through

yesterday I went to the OT office and

they did they took it out of that cast

they did some therapy on it showed me

how the they want me moving it the

exercises they want done and how often

we went through all that how to clean it

how to dress it all that good stuff

we're gonna go inside right now and I'm

gonna take this thing down from the

splint they ended up putting me in this

splint here I still have to keep my hand

at this 90 degree angle now for awhile

but I've got tons of exercises to do now

every two hours it's a pretty strenuous

situation going forward but it's

imperative for that tendon to heal and

all those little collagen fibers that

are healing to line up in the right


and provide strength for the tendon six

weeks and 12 weeks down the road when

it's finally healed so let's take you

inside I might take all this down and

show you what that wound looks like

alright guys there it is they originally

when he came in and marked it he marked

from the tip of the pinky all the way

down in that zig-zag pattern and he went

along and used the same laceration that

I originally made on the glass and then

went down the side there and he had

marked it all the way down my palm a lot

of that's worn off from moisture now but

he marked it all the way down my palm

because he thought he may have to go

into the palm to find the tendon but

fortunately he only had to cut through

the pinkie to find the tendon it wasn't

retracted all the way back into the palm

so that's what we've got we've got a

nice little zigzag incision there and

it's all sewn up obviously and hopefully

healing up well in there

pretty crazy looking huh he really had

that pinky flayed open guys

sorry for those of you who don't want to

look at that but you've probably clicked

off by now anyway I've got to do some

exercises with this now makes me a

little nervous just because I don't want

that tendon rupture that's sewn together

but I am learning more and more about

this and if I don't do these exercises

it's just passive range of motion so I'm

supposed to do these exercises with it

now and it's amazing how decondition the

other fingers are but I'm supposed to

take my take my fingers here and just

possibly push them down and then stretch

these guys out every two hours same with

all of them and then I get down to the

pinky and this is the crazy part I'm

still completely numb in here the the OT

said that you can expect about an inch

of nerve recovery per month is if I

remember right but I will eventually get

the feeling back in that finger it 60%

is what the doc said but I'm supposed to

passively take this and push it down and

I'll tell you what it's really tight

that the goal is for me to eventually

get that all the way down to the palm

and then I'm not allowed to go past 90

degrees here but he wanted me to try and

straighten the finger out without

pulling too tight because I don't want

to pull that tendon apart in there

that's the part that makes me a little

nervous but by doing this it will

realign the collagen fibers in the in

the pattern that the finger will be used

ultimately and that will provide the

most strength down the road when this

thing fully heals so if you don't do

this motion I guess that collagen does

not it just kind of jumbles up in a big

scar and it doesn't provide much

strength for the tendon so I've got to

do this every two hours now for the next

six weeks

so I'm kind of working even though I'm

off work but a little scary for me I

don't want to go too far but something

else I want to show you guys with this

and that is these fingernails so I clip

both hands at the same time and if

you'll notice the hand I didn't hurt the

fingernail is growing

a lot faster I clip these about two days

before the injury and there's almost no

growth on this side same with the other

fingers I can't really turn this hand

all the way around but same with the

other fingers lots of growth on these

fingernails none on this so that makes

me wonder something else for those

fingernails am i getting enough blood

flow and healing to the area if I can't

even grow nails on this hand how do I

get more blood flow to that hand to heal

and I have a feeling it's because I'm

not using my hand I'm not pumping blood

in and out of them so once again these

exercises are going to be detrimental to

you know the healing process I mean I've

got to do them to get blood pumping into

them and it's so bizarre you can tell

just by the fingernail growth I just

don't have a lot of blood flow to this

hand right now but I've got to do what

I've got to do to be able to get it

there without actually using that finger

I'm not allowed to actually use the

muscles to contract it yet where I could

pull that tendon apart so anyway I

thought that was really interesting but

I'll be doing my exercises and this

thing will hopefully heal up sooner than

later and we can get on with life so I

guess that's the end of that there there

you go Cindy I know you want to see that

it's gonna be tough for me to try and do

the dressing change in film it so I'm

just gonna go ahead and clean my hands

up off camera then dress this thing back

up but pretty gnarly looking anyway for

those of you that like this little pinky

series hope you enjoyed this one I'm

probably gonna slow down on these pinky

videos now because there's really not

much else to show it's just gonna be

about recovery and then I can focus on

getting back to plants guys so I will

see you in the next video adios