Cats that suckle: Is it Pica?


all right today's question comes from

Melanie and her cat Sasha Sasha is not

asking the question

Melanie is asking the question Melanie

take it away hi Jackson

I want to know why our cat Sasha who's

now 21 always seems to suckle on

anything whenever she's sitting with a

person so if we get a blanket out she'll

suckle on it if we're just sitting on

the couch she'll suckle on it even my

clothing it's really annoying and is

there some way I can help her to not do

it so much thank you well first and

foremost Melanie Sasha is amazing

looking for 21 years old she just she

looks fantastic I hope things are going

well she seems healthy and happy and

here's to a lot more happy years for the

both of you now let's get on to the

problem that's driving you crazy about

Sasha so now before I go into any of the

other explanations of things one thing I

want to make sure of is that Sasha is

not ingesting any of the materials that

she's suckling on that is something that

is known to happen with cats like Sasha

they just go overboard they start

swallowing things like this and

obviously that's not good for her

especially yarns and things like that

that can get wrapped around intestinal

tract so it is really important that you

determine whether she's just a suckler

or whether she has what's called Hika

Hika T ICA Pike a-- is technically

ingesting non-organic materials

basically things that aren't supposed to

be eaten cats who have pica have been

known to eat everything from Sasha's

sweater eating two knobs off of dressers

and crown molding off the wall they will

just keep chewing on these things it's a

sort of an OCD now with Sasha she could

just be a suckler and if that's the case

it's okay but the behavior that she's

showing that suckling behavior it's a

leftover behavior from an early weaning

so that is to say that at some point she

was probably removed from her mom just a

little bit too early

that sort of suckling behavior is

something like almost like sucking your

thumb would be for humans and it's a

self soother something that

when she was a kitten that she did and

now she still does it I just I think

this is funny and you know if you can't

laugh at yourself and I can't laugh at

you then why bother laughing at all so

you know I love you Melanie but such as

21 years old now assuming you've had her

for at least a little while now

can you teach an old cat new tricks well

yes you can but when it comes to

something as ingrained as suckling

behavior no no I mean you know look I

can only do so much and I really don't

think it's worth your while to try to

change the behavior so what's left for

you really it's about changing the

environment knowing that the Sasha tiger

can't really change her stripes or you

know what I'm saying

let me show you the key to it okay right

here so we've got Sasha on one side

who's 21 years old and has been doing

this behavior since she's a wee little

Sasha and then you've got you Melanie

with a house full of these whatever that

is cable knit sweaters or little throw

rugs or something like that it's on you

really - just Sasha proof the house I

wish I could give you something better

Melanie but hopefully Sasha's not eating

it if she's not eating it and it's just

you know your sweaters have a bunch of

spit on it you know I'm sure the Sasha

has a lot of things that make up for it

she looks adorable

and by the way Sasha looks amazing for

twenty one years old so here's to a lot

more years to both of you I hope you

look as happy as you seem in your film

film video hey thanks so much Melanie

for the question and folks I'm here for

you I want to hear your questions all

you have to do take out your nice fancy

phone or whatever you got and film

yourself asking the question and film it

like this not like that then go ahead

and shoot a video of your cat doing

whatever behavior that you wanted to

show me again like that no like also of

course you don't want to shoot in the

dark you don't want it to be like this

you know all those fun things so that we

can all watch it and enjoy it

then all you

do is go to this link right here upload

your videos and maybe I'll answer the

question you never know so until the

next time I answer all these questions

for you guys

take care of the cats that you love and

let them take care of you also all light

and all love and all mojo to you