Should You Change Your Major?

so between freshmen and sophomore year I

applied for transferring sister I was at

CSU studying economics and mathematics

and now studying pre-med shaaka

so recently I went from studying pre-med

and going to want to become a doctor to

changing studying anthropology now for

me it was the fact that finance is more

of a marketable skill than economics it

deals with more of the practical matter

matters rather than theory part it was

Stern has you know a nicer building a

home more resources and

then it could help me better in my

career um I think I was always so used

to being one type of science you know

like biology or chemistry but the

introduction to computer science really

showed me that there was more aspects to

science with such a hard science and

everything still very much a stem major

however what we see is that it's it's

different than all the others because

it's something that is made I didn't

really think being a doctor was ideal

for me because there's a lot more

restriction and being like a doctor and

you have to go through a lot of

schooling and then after that you're

restricted to a certain kinds of job

that you want to do and there was a lot

of pressure just outside pressure to go

towards medicine for my family I was

really more interested in like social

sciences like sociology and anthropology

finally like told my family that I don't

want to do this and I want to do

something different I think the major

conflict happened was because I was so

set on having one specific plan my

entire life I always wanted to go into

chemistry and become a doctor but I

realized that just because they you know

the thing that you may always have here

in our life they don't not always be the

right time for you and the more

introduction you have to different

things especially in college the more

you can see yourself in different fields


the sacrifices I made to go into Stern I

don't believe we're very significant I

can still see the friends that I have

before I still take two classes or

actually a lot of classes outside of

steering because I have a math major the

biggest fan flick has to be my family

right now even like two months after

telling them but I want to be a doctor

things still aren't the same at all at

first it was terrible like they flew in

here and they told me how like I'm

making a terrible decision a lot of

opinions that I didn't know that they

had came out because it's a lot easier

to you know go to flow with your family

if you have the same ideas as them it's

a lot harder when you start having like

main idea ideological conflict they

constantly bring up how they don't think

I'm gonna be able to support a family or

them when I'm older it was a sudden

change I think about me the difference

is I'm I wasn't insurance or someone

this past summer who was a she made some

fun basically I got to see a lot of that

and then I got to see the separate parts

of the business and there were so many

different aspects to it and she was able

to combine science and the science that

I was used to like chemistry and then

she mixed it in with computer science

which is

being in like the College of Arts and

Science you have to take these core

classes and like through the core

curriculum you're taking courses in like

writing and humanities like cultures and

contacts texting ideas and through

exposure to like different classes and

ideas through those classes I found that

was really more interested in these sort

of issues and I was also a lot better at

that I think in any field of study you

want to take there needs to be some

degree of specialization and while it's

true that Stern is very specialized that

can be said of almost any major if you

want to do engineering chemistry you're

going to be put on a track or you know

you encounter people who are doing

similar things and through that you're

gonna learn very specific skills that

are gonna make you more marketable to

the career that you want to pursue yeah

so a huge improvement much happier right

now I have a lot more free time but I

use that free time now to explore

different interests that I have within

like an academia like within

anthropology and like the courses I'm

taking right now are so much more

relevant to what I want to do and so

much more interesting and it's not like

a drag anymore or something that I feel

forced to do it it feels like a pleasure

now that I'm taking these courses I'm

even more excited for next semester I'm

taking even more course and more

specifically home towards my interests