hey so obviously there isn't a right or

wrong way to wear jeans but I wanted to

make this video because I know of loads

of little hacks and tips that you can do

to help your jeans flatter you more and

fit you better I'm really short so I

really struggle with this and I've kind

of come up with these they're very basic

but hopefully they kind of give you a

bit of inspiration to style your jeans a

bit differently so I really hope you

enjoy this video and let's get to it so

if your jeans fit perfectly everywhere

apart from around your waist

a great way to help them fit better is

to add a belt now I know this sounds

really simple but sometimes you can

forget how useful belts can be not only

does this belt really pull you in at the

waist defining your figure but it's a

great way to add some personality and

style to your look too because there are

so many different styles you can get

I'll leave links to some of my favorites

in the description

sometimes when we wear oversized

clothing like shirts or t-shirts where

the hem ends can really cut off our legs

making them look shorter and the easiest

way to elongate your legs is to move

whether hem ends up by tucking your

t-shirt in this just brings the kind of

defining line if you like further up

which just makes your legs look longer

if what you're wearing doesn't look that

good tucked in though you can also tie

your top up like I have here and again

you're just bringing up where the top

half finishes this is why things like

high-waisted jeans make you look taller

too because where they finish is higher

up if your jeans are too long a great

way to fix this is to roll your jeans up

I actually really like doing this anyway

even if they fit me pretty well just

because I really love how it looks and

how it just shows off your Footwear so

much more and by showing your ankle it

again really helps to elongate your legs

if you're wearing slightly baggy jeans

like mum jeans when you roll them up you

want to fold the outside hem over itself

and then roll the jeans up

this makes the roll less baggy and kind

of tightest your leg

and an even easier way to do this is to

buy a cropped or ripped style hem gene I

actually have a video where I show you

how I cut my jeans so I'll leave a link

to that in the description if you want

to check it out another problem we can

sometimes have is if our jeans are too

tight around the waist you can stretch

the waistband slightly though by washing

your jeans like normal but then when

they're wets place them on one of these

hangers and stretch the two Clips out

and then leave them to dry they should

dry a little looser around the waist

making them a little bit more



wearing boots with jeans can look really

chic this all about how you style them

by tucking your jeans inside your boots

it just looks a lot more fashionable and

this is a great tip to do if your jeans

are a little bit too long or short for

you too because you can hide them in the

boots I've actually found in the past

that wearing a dark route for the light

pair of jeans can make your legs look

shorter it's better to wear a lighter

pair of boots with light jeans and then

a darker pair of boots with dark jeans

by wearing a black pair of jeans with

these boots it just makes your legs look

a lot longer because it's all one color

if that makes sense and finally the last

tip is to find the perfect pair for you

there are so many styles out there and

if you google your body shape there are

so many articles on this and it will

give you a rough guideline on what

styles look best but personally I think

the best way is to just go into a

changing room with every style you can

find and try them on because you might

just surprise yourself and find a pair

that you wouldn't usually go for

actually look really good on you

it's all about what your confident and

feel comfortable in but just a quick tip

if you want to make your bum look bigger

pick smaller pockets or if you want to

make it look smaller pick bigger pockets

basically pick a pocket which is the

opposite to what you want


so that is everyone I really hope you

found this video helpful please give it

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if it did because it means the world to

me have a great day let me know what you

think and I'll speech you all again in

my next one bye guys