How to know if it's too hot outside for your pets

well the hotter than usual temperatures

I just told you about can be tough on

animals right here like my little girl

Lola these little girls and guys can

require extra attention in times like

these and that's why we sent KS NT news

reporter Molly Patt and to find out just

how hot is too hot when it comes to your

pets summer and sunshine may seem like

the perfect time to take your furry

friend outside to play but it can

actually become dangerous for your pet

heat stroke and that's the thing that

you just have to avoid along with heat

stroke your pets paws are a concern too

and their feet will get blistered if you

look at it looks like a mild burn it

hurts but dr. Matt Zabka says there is a

way to know if it's too hot to walk your

dog you can't hold your hand down on the

pavement for five to ten seconds then

it's probably too hot for your dog erin

macadam plays outside with her dogs

almost every day she uses the

five-second rule if it burns me there's

no way it doesn't hurt them you know if

I can't walk on it barefoot why should

they leaving your pets in the car can

also be a problem I left this

thermometer on the floor of my car for

just 30 minutes and it reached nearly

100 degrees now exposing your pet to

this kind of heat can literally burn the

skin off their paws or give them a heat


dr. Zupko recommends not even taking

your dogs in the car with you if you

take them on a trip and you have a

problem with your car and the car breaks

down or something like that then what do

you do with the dog they're stuck being

in the car he says people forget how

quickly dogs can overheat only way they

can cool off is by panting and once they

get hot they just stay hot for quite a


dr. Zupko recommends always having water

for your pet and never over exposing

them to heat or exercise reporting in

Topeka Molly Pat K SNT news now if you

think your dog has been injured by the

heat or may have had a heat stroke you

can call of that without having to visit

your vet of course you need to make sure

you're doing the precautions by

realizing again their paws I can't take

everything they're not made for concrete

that's for sure and I think of that

five-second rule is such a good idea

because you never really think about it

well when you are out there the cement

and the concrete is so hot but I have to

say despite all that I'm really jealous

of you right now

- bring it - I was thinking especially

with the corty you know they're so close

to the ground they're probably heating

up a whole lot yeah and they do like

they have the thing they like this flute

which is like spreading out like

spread-eagle so they always lay down

flat on their bellies when they do that

in the concrete they're gonna burn their

stomachs - oh all right Matt thanks for

bringing her ended he