4 Tips for Running in Cold Weather | What to Wear and How to Workout

what's going on guys

Jordan time assay I'm off my long run

this morning I want to take you along

with me as well let's go over my four

tips for cool weather running run it's a

little chilly out and so if anything

like myself

you've got your 5 K you've got your half

marathon marathon even if you're ultra

marathon goals and you look at the

temperature and see that hey it's not a

balmy 70 degree day it's 14 below are

you trying to figure out what it is you

got to do tip number one make sure you

do a warm-up indoors as much as possible

so that means your dynamic stretches

your strides and then make sure as soon

as you get outside you get your body

moving so if you're unable to where I do

your warm up indoors then make sure

you're doing a dynamic stretches outside

you're gonna get your body warmed up and

be able to signal to your brain and your

body that yes we're running today

malsu tip number two make sure you've

got your winter uniform identified I

know for me that means I need a hat I

need gloves but it's 40 degrees or below

I need two layers or bottom two layers

on top I like to put a dry fit layer so

there's no pull away moisture closer to

my body and so I'm just gonna lock that

heat in that's I got all my key stuff

today so got a species whether another

you know to go ahead for but just make

sure that you've got your winter uniform

lined up

number three I maybe they just

should work out accordingly when it's

cold like this outside I like to stick

to easy pace recovery pace do you like

long mileage and stuff like that this is

my winter season it's like a lot like

base mileage and things like that so

today there's a 9 mile er let's get back

to it

tip number four know your limits I know

that I don't need 25 degrees I am NOT

gonna be as effective so those are the

days I'm taking the indoors either

finding a treadmill or track I'm making

a cross training day so make sure you

understand what should let me so I

listen I don't care what your goal is

unless you intend on racing during the

winter it's no need to push your body

but so far

my bonus tip which took number five

she's a boy - boyfriend

I know that what there's gonna motivate

me to keep running is planning out maybe

a mile or two and then coming back

around to that where do I get four miles

a day like today I want to get nine

miles in so I just chose a point about

four and a half miles away from the crib

so these are my tips for winter running

my question of the day what are the

things that you do to maintain that

focus and be able to get yourself

motivated get out and run and call

weather please give me a like hit that

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time peace