Cell Phone Plan Streaming Perks | Is FREE Netflix Worth It??

every week i'm telling you guys all

about how

amazing the perks from the major

carriers are for the most part but

are the perks even worth it how much are

they really costing you

on your monthly cell phone bill or if

you look at it differently how much are

you really

saving each month with these free

streaming services

i did the math and i'm breaking down the

true cost of your cell phone plan

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that now i've done perks videos in the

past but it's been

over a year so you're getting an updated


now that sprint doesn't really exist

anymore and all the carriers have

changed their park offerings so what i'm

showing you today is how much you are

saving with perks

and which plan from each carrier offers

the best

value now if you're not looking for a

new plan that's okay

you can see what kind of value you're

getting right now with verizon t-mobile

and a tnt now these carriers only offer

streaming perks with their post-paid

unlimited plans

so those are the plans i am going over

today starting with

the verizon verizon has four unlimited

plans that offer perks

you have start unlimited at 70 a month

play more

at 80 a month do more unlimited at 80

a month and get more unlimited at 90

bucks a month

these prices are factoring in a 10 a

month autopay discount

starting with verizon's start unlimited

true cost let's look at the perks

you get six months of free disney plus

and apple music which is 17

a month or 102 dollars a year in value

now remember these perks are only free

for six months but we're still looking

at what you save over the course of a

year when you factor in the 102

streaming perk savings your start war

plan goes from 840

a year for one line to 738

or 70 a month to an average of 61

a month next up is play more unlimited

at 80 bucks a month

with play more you get verizon's disney

bundle which comes with disney plus hulu

and espn plus for free and apple music

free for six

months altogether that's 216

in value each year making the true cost

of this plan 744

down from 960 or 80 a month

down to 57 a month third is verizon's do

more unlimited plan at 80 bucks a month

with this plan you get disney plus and

apple music free for six months which

comes out to

102 dollars worth of perks making the


yearly cost of this plan 858 down from


or 80 a month to an average of 71

a month so you're saving about nine

bucks a month with these perks

on that plan now lastly for verizon we

have verizon get more unlimited

now this plan comes with apple music and

the disney bundle for

free each month that's a value of 23

or a yearly value of 276 dollars

taking your true yearly plan cost down

to 804

a month from 1080 or 90 a month down to


a month now if we look at the overall

value of each of the planned

perks get more delivers the most bang

for your buck and runner up for value is

play more

now if you're looking to get more out of

every dollar play more or get more

is for you factoring in the value of the

streaming perks the true cost of those

plans come out to 57

a month and 67 a month respectively

still a little expensive but a much

easier pill to swallow than

eighty dollars a month and ninety

dollars a month next up we're looking at

the true cost of t-mobile's magenta and

magenta plus plans

factoring in the perks you can get which

are either a

quibby subscription or a netflix


you get to pick one and only one now


why would anyone choose quibby i have

feelings on quibby they aren't

lovey-dovey feelings either but i


to choose either netflix or the other

one you have to have at least

two lines of service on magenta or

magenta plus

which is a bummer because of that

automatically the value here

isn't going to be great but let's talk

about it for two lines on magenta you're

looking at 120

a month or thousand four hundred and

forty dollars a year

choosing netflix as your perk gives you

the best value so i'm not even going to

talk about

any more with magenta you get a basic

netflix subscription which gives you one

login at a time and

sd streaming and costs nine dollars a

month or 108 dollars a year

so your true cost of the magenta plan

goes from

1440 a year to 1332 a year

or from 120 a month to 111 dollars a


next up is magenta plus with magenta

plus you get a

standard netflix subscription for free

which gives you two logins at a time and

hd streaming

that's a value of 13 a month or 156

dollars a year

making the true cost of the magenta plus

plan 1

524 a year down from 1

680 or 127 dollars a month

down from 140. now the best

value here is magenta plus but it's not


you could get a cheaper plan for two

people and still buy a standard netflix


for yourself or cheaper it's just a

matter of

if you want t-mobile now you can learn

more about t-mobile in my t-mobile


over here lastly i'm talking the true

cost of a t

plans or should i say one a t plan

they only offer one streaming perk with

one of their plans

which is a t unlimited elite which also

happens to be their most expensive plan

at 85 a month now with this plan you get

hbo max for free

that's a value of 15 a month or 180

a year making the true cost of the a t

and t

unlimited elite 840 a year down from


or 70 a month down from 85.

now of all the plans i cover today att

unlimited elite offers third best value

behind verizon get more and verizon play

more unlimited

all three are solid options if you're

looking for more bang for your

buck now verizon and att also have the

most coverage in the country

so you can be sure you'll have decent

coverage in most places

what plan would you choose or what plan

do you already have

is the value worth the high cost let me


in the comments below i'm sheri riggs

with with slot tv