Antibiotics - What You Need To Know

antibiotics are powerful medicines that

fight bacterial infections used properly

antibiotics can save lives they either

kill bacteria or keep them from

reproducing your body's natural defenses

can usually take it from there

antibiotics do not fight infections

caused by viruses such as Colts flu most

coughs and bronchitis sore throats

unless caused by strap if a virus is

making you sick taking antibiotics may

do more harm than good

each time you take antibiotics you

increase the chances that bacteria in

your body will be able to resist them


you could get or spread an infection

that those antibiotics cannot cure

methicillin-resistant staphylococcus

aureus mr sa causes infections that are

resistant to several common antibiotics

when you take antibiotics follow the

directions carefully it is important to

finish your medicine even if you feel

better if you stop treatment too soon

some bacteria may survive and reinfect

you do not save antibiotics for later

use someone else's prescription