Should You Take Probiotics After a Course of Antibiotics?

the Joe Rogan experience we were talking

earlier about probiotics dudu is there a

benefit of probiotics once you've taken

antibiotics to Riefler --is-- your gut

flora you know that's where the studies

really at this point have demonstrated

that it's very temporary in other words

if you're taking probiotics you can get

a boost initially but it doesn't sustain

yourself over time and then the natural

flora comes back I mean the gut microbes

will come back as as they've been

reduced but what I'm saying is is it

beneficial to people if they do take a

probiotic after antibiotics because

antibiotics do have a devastating effect

on your floor yeah

kills the bad stuff but it also kills a

lot of the good stuff right yeah so is

it beneficial for people once they have

taken an antibiotic to take probiotics

to sort of reflect an pereira yeah and

that's what i'm saying is that it

doesn't the data don't support that it

states in other words you get a

short-term boost material but they don't

stay around what if you just keep taking

it even then they they just don't stay

around your normal gut flora will come

back and take over so the probiotics and

of themselves are not giving you that

long-term busie so you don't think

there's any benefit to having even even

a short-term boost well you know it's

again I surely I'm not going to profess

to be the expert on probiotics right

tell you that the data we have doesn't

show that they have a big boost and and

that they actually help you long term or

short term meaning that it makes any

difference now there's one exception to

that where I would say and this is a

very different thing than probiotics but

we actually have a disease called

Clostridium difficile which is a bad

bacteria that happens when you've taken

away too many antibiotics and and it's

colonizers your gut because you don't

have competing organisms there and then

you can die from this there are

treatments for that called actually

fecal transplants yeah I've heard of

that and that's where actually there you

take it little capsules but it's

actually drinking poop when purified

purified bugs from the poop you're right

but you take that and that's that's that

kind of is what you're talking about

that does have a real been if

and there is clear evidence that if you

take those those fecal transplants as

opposed to just probiotics or such that

that can have a major positive impact on

your recovery from things like colostrum

difficile infection and so more and more

institutions now actually are doing

fecal transplants which you've never

thought that that would be one thing you

do one day but those have had this

problem their their life saving there

maybe we should change the name that

would although on the other hand you

don't forget it if you're right yeah you

don't forget if it's a fecal transplant

but that's what's gonna be yeah nerve

wracking to people yeah yeah you know

once you're that sick boy it feels good

to take it it does you know have you

done it I've never done it have you ever

had a problem where I've had to but but

for the Ives know people who have been

desperately sick who have taken them and

have really done much better much much