The Fix - Does your smartphone need a new battery?

if you've only your smartphone for at

least two years you probably notice that

your battery doesn't last quite as long

as it used to you that's because most

smartphones use lithium ion batteries

which typically only function normally

for about two to three years so how can

you tell if your battery needs a

replacement well here are three easy

ways to figure it out the first is that

your phone just isn't lasting very long

this is pretty obvious but if you've

charged your phone and then you unplug

it and it dies immediately or even if it

dies in like an hour or two I so tell us

how sign that there's something wrong

you also want to make sure that it's not

a software problem so you'll want to

make sure that it's happening

consistently also check for any software

updates that may address the issue make

sure you have the latest software

updates that's always important number

two is that your phone gets hot and I'm

talking really hot like uncomfortably so

a normal functioning battery will

periodically vent excess heat but one

that's on its way out will have a lot of

trouble doing that which will result you

playing hot potato with your really

really hot phone and lastly if you can

access your smart phones battery you'll

want to check for any swelling or

bulging on the physical battery itself

now this is a properly functioning new

battery so you won't see that here

swelling or bulging occurs when one of

these cells inside the battery has

ruptured due to overheating so you'll

definitely want to stop using it

immediately because it can still explode

or catch fire

now two ways to extend the life of your

batteries - one never leave it plugged

in and charged to capacity for an

extended amount of time and to never let

it deplete completely to zero doing

either of these will adversely affect

the life of your battery the big

takeaway here is that lithium-ion

batteries don't last forever and

eventually you're going to have to

replace them whether that's replacing

just the battery or your entire phone