Gas Water Heater Not Heating? — Gas Water Heater Troubleshooting

if your gas water heater is not heating

here are the top five most probable

causes carbon deposits can create a

restriction in the pilot preventing it

from lighting the gas burner you can try

cleaning the pilot with a stiff brush or

compressed air but the pilot may need to

be replaced with a new one

the igniter or spark electrode is the

component that lights the pilot a

defective igniter or electrode will

stall the ignition process and prevent

the water from heating you can test the

igniter for continuity to determine if

there is a continuous electrical path

present if there's no continuity the

igniter has failed and will need to be

replaced the gas valve opens to allow

gas to enter the burner and be lit by

the igniter a faulty gas valve may

prevent gas from entering the burner you

should first confirm that the ignition

source is working properly and the gas

valve has pressure before replacing the

valve assembly most gas water heaters

will use either a thermal couple or

thermal pile to monitor the pilot if the

pilot goes out the thermocouple or

thermo-pile will prevent the gas valve

from opening a defective thermocouple or

thermal pile may prevent the pilot from

staying lit on some water heaters a

draft inducer fan motor draws air into

the burner area causing the pressure

switch to close signaling the control

board to continue the ignition process a

malfunctioning pressure switch may fail

to close even with adequate airflow

again you can use a multimeter to test

the switch for continuity provided the

switch is connected to the water heater

and the draft inducer fan motor is

running all of the parts shown in this

video are available on our website be

sure to enter the full model number of

your product to find the specific


part that will fix your water heater