How Do I Know "It's Time" To Euthanize My Pet? | Ask Dr. Wendy

euthanasia is one of the most difficult

topics and one of the most common topics

I get asked about it's really hard to

know when is it time and the truth is

there is no perfect time and often you

know the regrets that I see in clients

is that they they've waited too long

often with the first pet that's what

happens they wait too long and you enter

into suffering what I like to tell my

clients is is it's a spectrum over here

on the left it's too soon and I've got

suggestions on things we can do to make

your critter more comfortable in the

middle is a gray area and kind of

anytime in this area it's appropriate

it's and it's a it's a good time over

here to the right you've waited too long

and your pets is into suffering so I

kind of talk to it like a spectrum and

there's a myth out there that your your

pet will let you know when it's time and

that's just it's not the case often they

hide their suffering they hide their

pain and if you wait for your pet to let

you know sometimes you've waited too

long and they get into suffering and

it's it's heartbreaking when I get to

those client's homes and see the pets

that it's been too long if you're

dealing with this question right now

it's it's so difficult and so hard

I've prepared a guide that you can click

on the link below that goes through some

very detailed questions that allows you

to kind of take a step back it's hard

when you see your pet every day to see

those subtle changes so it kind of walks

you through a lot of things that that

you wouldn't think about and that your

pet may be hiding from you so take a

look and once you've taken a look and

you have any further questions our whole

team is here for you