Kitten Care : When Can Kittens Leave Their Mom?

Let's talk about when can kittens leave their mom? Generally speaking newborns are going

to be nursed till about four weeks of age. At four weeks of age that's when they're going

to start eating more solid food and be able to get; see more things on their own. At six

weeks of age most kittens are pretty resilient. Though they're still not sure what's going

on in their environment and what things mean, and as far as social skills are concerned

that's still not quite there either. At eight weeks of age most kittens are pretty much

at the point where they can leave their mothers and be on their own. At six weeks of age they're

still learning how to fend for themselves, social behaviors, where food comes from other

than their mother. But at eight weeks of age that's typically where those guys are ready

to go out into the wild, though they're still very susceptible to everything because they're

so small. There are some instances where a kitten should not be released or let go from

the mother too soon and that would be sicknesses, if they have upper respiratory infections,

things like that those kittens need a little bit more time to get their mothers nutrition

or at least be taken care of before they're set out on their own. Anything that could

be a congenital abnormality or a birth defect or something like that can can also hinder

when a kitten should leave their mother. But typically eight weeks of age for a normal

healthy kitten is a good time for that.