When Your Employer Changes Your Time Cards

generally it is illegal for your

supervisor to change your time cards

to correct the hours that you put in

your time cards and to put the number

that your supervisor believes that you

work or you should have worked and

that's because under the law you should

be paid for all the hours that you work

and if your boss starts coming in and

cutting an hour here or half an hour

there from your time cards this means

that you're not being compensated for

all the hours works for all the hours

that you work and this again is illegal

if you find yourself in this type of

situation where your supervisor is

taking hours out of your time cards and

you're not paid for all the hours that

you work you should consider doing

several things first you should start

keeping track of the hours that you

actually work versus the hours that

you're being paid for this will be very

helpful if and when you decide to pursue

a claim against your employer and pay

for unpaid wages then he will have this

document that shows all the hours that

you haven't been paid for and then you

can decide given the amount of unpaid

wages and given your other circumstances

whether this kind of claim will be worth

pursuing secondly you should consider

complaining in writing to your HR

department or to the higher managers or

preferably to both about the fact that

you're not being paid properly and that

your supervisor is altering your time

cards of course when you make such a

complaint you risk facing a retaliation

and it might rub your supervisor the

wrong way he might try to write you up

or set you up for some kind of

suspension or even termination whether

that risk is worth taking is something

that you should personally decide given

all the surrounding circumstances of

your employment and all the issues

you're facing and of course you should

consult with an experienced employment

attorney to decide what the best

strategy is for you in your specific

circumstances thank you