Beginner Running Shoes | 3 Things to Know Before You Buy

what's up guys today we're talking

beginner running shoes I'm going to give

you three things you really need to know

before you go ahead and buy

so guys here's a few things you need to

know before you even go into the running

store and you start hunting around I'm

just going to talk about the basic setup

and construction of a running shoe and

the different factors they're going to

look for in a fit the first fit they're

going to look for and this is the

classic one is going to be how much

support you get in the shoe right here

right and right in the arch and they're

going to look at how much your foot

pronates in terms of rolls in and

sometimes for those of us we pronate too

much we call this over pronation or foot

collapses and we start to see some

problems in the whole body so there are

some running shoes that can help with

that issue well in this next piece I'm

actually going to show you what you can

do to build and strengthen your feet so

stay tuned for that one but that's going

to be a factor with your shoes you know

how much stability versus neutral low

stability shoe that you're going to get

the other factors in a running shoe that

you're going to want to consider is how

big the heel is versus the forefoot they

call that a heel drop sometimes classic

shoes they have a little bit of a higher

heel for those of you who are a little

stiffer and the ankles and the calves

and the achilles are going to like a

little bit of a thicker heel sole for

those of you who are a little bit more

mobile plus you want a more better feel

for the ground you're actually going to

want to go for more zero drop or low

drop shoe that's just going to give you

a better feel and finally one of the

other considerations is going to be how

wide or narrow this whole last is in

this toe box is for some of us we'll

actually for all of us when our feet

lands our toes actually naturally want

to splay and separate a little bit

that's a good thing our feet actually

absorb a lot of the shock themselves

between this little toe splay and this

natural pronation so if you go into a

shoe that's too narrow that limits that

splay and your foot lands a lot harder

so a lot of times we can just go based

on feel for these things but I just

wanted you to know that you're going to

go into the running store they're going

to talk about neutral support high

support in the in the sole right here in

the arch they're going to talk about

heel drop and cushioning versus your

forefoot and they're going to talk about

how wide the shoe

is as well in this next part I'm

actually going to talk about things you

can do to strengthen yourself and your

feet so that you can run in any shoe


so because my shoes are off and my shoes

are off because I want to talk a little

bit about the structure of our foot and

some very basic things that we can do to

actually strengthen our feet building

and and improve the the structure in the

way our foot lands so that all of a

sudden we're not a slave to orthotics or

high stability shoes or anything else

that you know we're basically told that

we need to go into because our feet are

weak now first of all a lot of times our

feet are not very strong just because we

don't challenge them very much they're

in soft super supportive shoes with a

lot of stability in this arch to our

feet haven't had to work for a very long

time simply by taking our shoes off or

wearing a low supportive shoe that all

of a sudden makes our feet work a little

bit harder and voila all of a sudden our

feet are having to strength alittle bit

so you want to think about the level of

support in your and your shoots it's

literally a crutch orthotics are

literally a crutch they're not bad

sometimes I might need them but I need

to do some things they're going to help

them out and a lot of times when we get

into that shoe one of the things we're

looking for is something where my foot

collapses I'm going to stand up you're

going to lose me but are going to see my

feet my feet starts to collapse too much

because this arch collapse is this way

and all of a sudden I open myself up to

all these issues with my knee my tea

band my calf my Achilles all the way up

all the way through so one of the things

we can practice in addition to just

taking our shoes off and spending more

time barefoot wearing very simple flats

and very very basic shoes that have zero

support and stability you know around

while running errands is that we can

practice our basic posture and the way

we're going to do that is I'm going to

stand up tall my feet are going to be

straight my belly and butt is going to

be tight and I'm actually going to think

about screwing my feet into the ground a

little bit and you're going to notice

that when I screw this foot into the

ground this arch is actually picked up

so when I create tension in the whole

system all of a sudden that arch is a

little bit stronger so you'll notice

that when we actually stand in poor

positions on one leg

Head Start level I don't have that

little external rotation to the hip this

is when my feet start to collapse and

once again we play how we practice so if

I don't practice very good standing my

feet aren't going to be very strong and

then all of a sudden I'm never going to

be able to run very well because the

feet just aren't there so less time or

more time barefoot less time in shoes

think about that posture stand tall

screw those feet lightly into the ground

get that little external rotation pick

that arch up off it'll make a huge

difference guys that is it if you liked

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