When is it time to get new running shoes.. saucony cohesion 12 ( OCR Training Vid #5)


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how are you guys doing i am well today

we're gonna talk about one of the most

important things you can do

for your body when training

or exercising in particular running

now a lot of people tell me when i

suggest them that they start running

that their knees hurt they get twin


or the ankles hurt and if you make these

same comments

anybody who's ran for an extensive

period of time

both distant and routinely they're gonna

all say the same thing

it's your shoes footwear

is key to running don't

go out running in vans or converse i

mean the soles of those shoes have not

changed since the

40s and 60s and the other questions

is how often do you change your footwear

well that's going to depend on how often

you run and how much you weigh

for example if you're a 110 pound girl

and you run four days a week

you could easily get two to three some

even say 400 miles out of your shoes

if you're a six foot five 220 to 210

pound dude who runs three or four times

a week

you might only get 275 to 300 miles out

of your shoes

or less if you use strava or

garmin you can add your shoes you can

add your bike you can add your gear

and it'll actually track the mileage on


pieces of equipment and you can set a

retirement date i go

by failing and whenever um i find that

i'm running and it seems like every run

i go out my ankles hurt or i'm starting

to get shin splints or my knees start to


i'll switch up shoes a little bit and

see if that helps

but routinely i have found with my

height and my weight

about 200 240 miles

is about time my current shoes i

switched to brooks for the first time

i've always ran in sanctions and so i

decided around

christmas time actually it was decided

for me to switch up

and so i got a new pair of shoes on

christmas i got a pair of brooks launch

sixes because i currently have 171.1

miles on them

and i think they have

been gotten to the breakdown point the

last few runs was getting shin splints

my ankles would hurt um

i would find those weren't knee braces

more so i actually switched back to my


sanchini cohesion 10s which currently

have 223.1 miles on them

and um i ran those once or twice

and i felt a little better now i do know

there's some runners who suggest you

switch shoes every other run that way it

keeps your feet

on its toes no pun intended but i went

on amazon and i got these guys these are

the songs cohesion 12s

and they got a nice red sole so when

you're running it almost acts like a


um most running shoes will have a

reflective material in it

a lot of times on the back i don't see

one on here so much

but yeah these are the sanxi cohesion

12s i'm going to break these in tonight

and i will let you know if um i

feel any different i'm sure i will i'm

sure my feet will feel much better

um once again i don't know if you can


this as a test but the fact that my

brooks launched sixes

i got 171 miles on before i started

feeling like i needed new shoes whereas

my uh

sangstein cohesion 10's got 223 miles on

it that's quite a bit of difference in

mileage before i felt the need to

replace them

so that's also why i decided to go back

to sanctuary a little bit well that and

the price is nicer

so um i want to test these guys out and

see if my

knees and ankles and shins

knees and ankles are high wear tear

points so obviously those are going to

hurt anyhow

the biggest uh biggest

notifier is the shin splints so if my

shin splints go away then i know

i made a new great decision and but yes

footwear is


clumpy but apparently

this is supposed to be good for your

knees and your ankles your cartilage

yeah in case you didn't know

gelatin's made out of calvin hoof hooves

and that natural material in those hues

apparently good for you i guess a lot of

ultra marathoners

drink this stuff not bad but clumpy

if you want to drink it quick because

the longer it takes the clumpier it gets


and you thought protein drinks were


forgive me for sloppy screen um i just

got done running

ran 3.16 miles and like i think my pace

is a 9 45 or a 10.

i'll have to post a screenshot but i

will say um

the new shoes are great i'm glad i

ordered them

and uh definitely tell a difference

um i can tell that the soles and the

other ones were flattened out

my ankles still hurt a little bit

because well i'm old but shin splints

were gone and as i got to mile

three and after three miles i ran a cool

down mile

so technically i ran four miles tonight

when i was on that fourth mile

my feet felt great kind of felt like i

was running on air

so yeah if you get to the point where

you're running and if you only put 200

miles in your shoes and

you just don't feel right just go ahead

and buy another pair of shoes

just go for it because once again it

comes running it's all about shoes

so make sure you get the right footwear

and possibly some good pair of shorts

and get up there and do your thing

something like that

this is what it looks like when you

can't walk

after doing a two-way two-day event

wearing boondocker reproductions my

airborne boots don't do this to me

but my boondockers do because every play

decide to send us bad chicken

so to finish cooking our dinner

i'm now walking through publix to get


because every plate has sent us bad food

which sucks

where are we looking okay i just

completed my second run

and these new sakani sanchini cohesion


like i said before my brook's at the

point where i was getting shin splints

and i was running probably ten thirties

uh because my legs and feet hurt so bad

but i literally just got done running

3.3 miles

in 2816 with a 920 pace

so uh definitely getting my pace back

it's easier to maintain your old pace

when you feel like you're running on

clouds well not exactly clouds but

my other shoes got to the point where i

could feel i could actually hear the

impact to my earbuds

as i ran whereas with these i don't

so i'm thrilled with them



good morning it's sunday and i am awake

at 9

25 in the morning

why i will tell you why because i like

to beat up on myself

i like to do cruel things to myself

i like to have goals out in front of me

to keep me motivated

and so today i'm heading back over to

morgan's house for my fourth

or fifth maybe my fifth actual time i

think my fourth

video i've been working out on his

ninja warrior training facility out

behind his house

so that i can get better grip strength

for my

upcoming see our race

savage race and be honest with you i

won't be satisfied

until i can at least go up one rung on

the salmon ladder

i don't know if any of y'all ever tried

to save a ladder um if you're in my camp

and can't even do a pull-up

the likelihood of you doing one run on a

salmon ladder

is pretty uh low unless you don't want


yeah so the slack line and the santa

ladder are my two nemesis over there

rope climb i'm not that great at either

but i think that's primarily because i

haven't been shown

the correct form and technique

for climbing rope i know there's some

some people do some sort of rope thing

with their feet

and kind of run the rope over one foot

and step on it with the other i don't

know how that works though

um and i've seen badass people just

climb it up look he's gonna feed it all

which is quite a shame because i

remember growing up in kentucky in the

late 70s early 80s when i was born in

the late 70s so

in the early mid 80s we would see a lot


old school i guess we would call them

gym equipment

which we were never allowed to use

because there was like rope climbs and


and all this stuff that apparently

people did a lot back in the 30s or 40s

as far as

physical fitness went but the time my

generation rolled around in the 80s and

90s we were told to stay off of it

so we had ropes in gym class never find


it's amazing looking back thinking oh

back in the day they let those kids

climb those ropes honk that bell and if


fell they only had like a two inch gym

mat underneath

them it's only 18 20 foot full


















what's up y'all i just ran 3.4 miles

in a little over 30 minutes a slow pace

tonight 31 38.

uh the new shoes are still feeling good

um it is monday as you saw earlier in

the video

i was uh doing the ninja warrior workout

over morgan's

and um it's kind of hard telling them to

under the video

but you'll see a certain point where i

start doing pull-ups

and inspecting the equipment

and one of the things that come to

realize is that if i want to become


with that sort of upper arm stuff i need

to get to the point

where i can support my weight with my

arms and my chest

um really not until then though i'd be

able to complete some of those

higher intensity grip strength exercises

and pull-ups and so that's what i'll be

working on

from here on out okay

so looking at my count i worked out on

the 5th

the 6th the 7th and the 8th

and then had a gym day in there

and then i took friday off

saturday off did the ninja warrior stuff

you just saw

on sunday ran three miles on monday

and today's tuesday and i came home

brought home dinner and i just straight

passed out

so clearly my body needed some recovery


um i got a little around

30 days now today is the 13th i believe


savage is on the 13th so i'm not screwed


i still have 30 days because i'm still

at 2

20.2 this morning

i really want to be at 210 207

by the savage race um

well as i said before that's not going

to be my new walking around race that

wait that's just gonna be my new race

weight less if i can lose

11 12 pounds that's 12 pounds less that

i got to drag across

obstacle courses to uh better my time

and um i know what i got to do i consume

a lot of wasted

liquid calories

damn starbucks i probably drink two

sodas a day which is two too many

so i think in order to reach my goal

i don't foresee me increasing my

physical fitness that much more i mean i

could probably slap an extra mile or two

in a day

but um i think if i increase how many

more days a week i'm working out i'm

just going to burn my body out before

the race so i think that'll be a

process of diminishing returns so i

think now

i'm going to focus more on my diet so uh

kind of long video not a whole hell of a

lot going on really

um chances are every time you get to

this video you'll know if i decide to go

back and do some voiceover work on it i

think there's some areas i may need to

to explain what

my thinking process is but anyhow thank

you guys so much

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