People Eat King Cakes For The First Time



(upbeat jazz music)

- I have no idea what King Cake is, but I assume it's

luxurious as fuck, because its named after a king.

- I thought we were eating king crab cakes.

I legit, I thought there was crab here.

- It's like a cake shaped like a baby.

- And each kid gets a piece, and the kid

that finds the king inside of it,

it's like they win. - [Male] It's like a game.

(classical music playing)

- Fiddle dee dee, King Cake, oh fuck (mumbles).

- Oh my God.

(classical music playing)


- What is that?

Why is that there?

(classical music playing)

- What is that?

- It's giving birth.

- What is that?

- Oh my God, here she comes.

Oh my God.

- What is that?

- It's a boy.

- There's a naked toddler who's trying to get a hug.

You know what? - [Lady] The cake was

pregnant oh my God.

- Do I knight you?

- Is that how it goes with this?

- Does this make me the mother?

- I think so.

- Don't talk about me eating near Jesus' crotch.

- Holy fuck, that's sugary.

- New Orleans people don't fuck around

because this is literally icing and sugar on top.

- I'm just gonna say it.

- Oh I love it.

- This cake done a little heavy.

- It's like a sugar scrub while you're eating it.

- It tastes like a congealed Cinnabon sprinkled

with a pound and a half of sugar in every bite.

- The whole experience of texture.

- And almost dying.


I don't know how we're just getting past it.

- [Female] Great cake. - Great cake.

- I do feel like we've experienced

a little bit of Mardi Gras.

- I think if I go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras,

I'm going to be more excited about the cake than the boobs.

- My first rule as King of this cake,

is that I get to eat the rest of

the cake, A, and I get pancakes.