When Is The Best Time To Visit The Philippines

hi guys this video is made especially to

those travelers who are living outside

the Philippines the question is when is

the best time of the year to go visit

the Philippines the Philippines is only

two seasons brainy and dry self Coors as

much as possible you want to avoid the

rainy season right most of you who might

have longer holidays during Christmas

but no don't come here on Christmas

unless you want to experience how we

Filipinos celebrate Christmas it's rainy

season here from November to February

though if you are coming from a country

where it's winter in December and you

want to escape winter then it's warm

here even if it's raining what I say

it's rainy it doesn't mean it's gonna be

raining every day the whole three months

it's just on and off rainy sunny or

rainy sunny but most of the time it's

rainy and the temperature is around 24

degrees to 28 degrees Celsius Filipinos

are also busy in this season Christmas

is very important to us such as early

September we already start decorating

your homes the walls the struts

Christmas lights and Christmas songs are

everywhere so everyone is out and busy

so the best months to come here is in

the months of March April and May

because it's dry and warm we'd be able

to enjoy doing all the adventures with

our awesome nature



but don't you worry whether you come

here in a wet or dry season there is

always one thing that remains warm in

this country and it's the Filipino

people that's true when I take part of

that how friendly approachable

accommodating kind and warm the

Filipinos are March April and May is

just my own opinion as a Filipino who's

born and raised here in the Philippines

for my fellow Filipinos who are watching

this video comment below what's for you

is the best time to visit our country to

my growing community of subscribers I

just wanna say thank you so much guys

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