Summer in Melbourne, Australia

if there's one city in the world where

just hanging out for a long time just

experience a high quality of living the

accessibility experience its unique

local culture it's definitely well

written no you not say Melbourne

Australia what's up guys as the employer

Estevez is back and obviously I'm here

at Nia terminal 3 waiting for flight to

Melbourne Australia isn't going to do

before time at Melbourne but it's going

to be my mom's first time so I'm going

to tour around but this time we're going

to some places that I haven't been to

yet so it's going to be an exciting trip

alright so we finally made a live in the

customs area and we're now going to the

sky bus terminal which will take us to

the Johnson area pass one morning here

I'm so hungry

but is we do it back here at milk with

the only thing that I'm a prehensile

about the city is the lack of trains

connecting tullamarine airports in

Melbourne CBD sky bus is your best

option as they run 24/7 ok so there's a

one-bedroom apartment we're at in mind

for so this is the entrance so this is

the bathroom

or sitting there in a shower and yeah we

also have a washing machine kitchen

electric stove microwave RF and some

knife or knives rather and Oh dishwasher

this is the receiving area we can flat

screen TV so far

and this is the room and the best part

is the balcony

these are view sit-in especially to the

morning here at Melbourne so it's bit

quiet right now yeah pretty amazing

all right rise and shine rise and shine

we're going to explore downtown

Melbourne and actually woke up late when

in Melbourne it is best to say around

Melbourne CBD from our apartment

everything is just a few stones away

Queen Victoria Market Melbourne Central

flinders station Federation Square and

Yarra River plus you can arrive there

traps for free today for walking around

the CBD with my mom prefers we're going

to eat early lunch today because we're

so hungry

a State Library of Victoria is not your

ordinary library it is probably the

grandest library have ever visited so

we're here inside the State Library of


it's amazing inside check it out

students and tourists flock this place

either to study or just read a book for

video files this is heaven

what I really like about this is that

they have a free time zone so you are

free to turn around and open through the

area but using their trams the city's

free tram zone extends from Queen

Victoria Market to ducklings screen

street Flinders Street Station and

Federation Square travel on the city

circle tram is also free hop on and up

the historic trams as often as you like

you don't need to tap on your my key


the National Gallery of Victoria

popularly known as the ngv is an art

museum in Melbourne Australia

how did in 1861 it is Australia's oldest

largest and most visited Art Museum


after some art appreciation and National

Gallery of Victoria we're now you often

see the shrine of rememberance it's just

right across the corner and just have to

walk all the way south so when we can

get there we will know more about

Australia's participation during the

World War the Shrine of Remembrance is a

war memorial in Melbourne it was built

to honor the men and women of Victoria

who serve in World War one now functions

as a memorial to all Australians who

have served in any war

president you know this idiot teller is

a lot of different martial arts so one

of them that art is your fancy art box

on the famous blue so lamely and admired

the street art that has made the

melbourne urban art scene known across

the globe take in the dizzying array of

colors characters and shapes created by

local and international artists alike


the following morning we rode a train

from Melbourne central to middle

Brighton to visit the famous Brighton

Beach bath houses it was up so we're

here at the carpenter street and we are

walking now see the rider bath houses

it's a more than a kilometer walk from

middle Brighton station but hopefully

there would be less people but I'm

expecting a lot because it's a summer

season right now and it's a bit hot


so welcome to the most overrated beach

here head Melbourne there's nothing just

wanna chill and enjoy the beach then

this is please be here 10 C Street Beach

just south of middle Brighton features

82 colorful bathing boxes which are one

of the truest icons of Melbourne and if

you're considering applying a bath thing

boss it costs 200,000 to 300,000 s

travaillons dollars each all right so I

have a bear fit right now I'm going to

try their Beach damn it's really really


just not a Brighton is Chadstone there

we visit a chance on shopping center

closely known as check the fashion

capital of Melbourne

it's Australia's largest shopping mall

and is home to major anchor stores but

this is nothing compared to the malls

back in the Philippines

Oh after our quick lunch at Chadstone

we're back here at the station

information for trap

so you see Gilda actually it's right


actually I slept inside the tram and I

don't know what happened but we're

already here to see future family

today's Saturday is very very hot like

surprisingly hot there are so many

people and crabs another famous Beach

Melbourne is st. kilda it is renown for

his expansive view of Port Phillip save

sandy beach palm lined boardwalk

gorgeous sunsets parks and gardens and

many more

during summer is jam-packed with people

and outer concerts are always there



the state of Victoria is surrounded with

beautiful coastlines idyllic towns and

picturesque landscapes we embarked on

the great ocean road room and visited

South famous landmarks like a great

ocean road marker


within the golden shores of pork apple

stands victorious most famous for

affirmations they call it the roughest

tax of the Twelve Apostles because they

stand tall and proud along the shore

despite the name the Twelve Apostles

there are only eight left standing as

Mother Nature time and the salty waters

have caused several of the Apostles to

fall the lockhart gorge is home to

smooth pearlescent bay and an inlet of

clear blue water

it's flanked by two yellow wash cliff

faces and such a vibrant greenery though

it looks like something out of a store

good long card isn't just a pretty face

in fact it has an interesting and

colorful history that spans back

hundreds of years

your Alban adventure wouldn't be

complete without spending your money to

direct factory outlets for TFO DFO

houses several houses stores ranging

from apparel shoes watches and even hold

furnitures these items are usually sold

at a low price or diehard the Harry

Potter fans you can visit their shop at

Wired located at Brick Street now if

you're into thrift shopping head on to

Queen Victoria Market here the usually

sells souvenir items such as shirts bag

tags graph magnets soft toys and other

souvenirs for a very low price


other places to explore in the CBD area

are Melbourne Central st. Patrick's

Cathedral where the architecture is

similar to Sydney st. Mary's Cathedral

and burst Street Mall



strolling around melbourne central

business district was a breath of fresh

air as an enthusiast of architecture and

art this city is a perfect place to

appreciate these two old buildings dated

back to the Victorian era are still

standing up to this day mixing with the

new tall and modern skyscrapers is a

city where old coexist with news

it is indeed no wonder why it was named

as a second most livable city in the

world next to Vienna Austria it may have

his own imperfections but Melbourne

really really took my breath away


Oh things Oh so it goes