Tips for Traveling Japan in Summer you MUST Know!


hey guys welcome back to my channel so

this video is all about tips on

traveling Japan in the summer and just

in general but it's mostly gonna be

summer tips because it is summer well

it's becoming summer now it is now June

in Japan and June is said to be the

rainy season so we are going to get a

lot of rain it's called su u in Japan so

basically it's just rain rain rain rain


I want to thank mol for sponsoring this

video a lot of you guys were asking

about SIM cards because I talked about

Wi-Fi free Wi-Fi in Japan but you can

also get SIM cards and this one is one

of the easiest ones that you can get and

I want to talk a little bit about it

today so that is the first tip when you

come to Japan is getting a SIM card if

you don't want to constantly use free

Wi-Fi free Wi-Fi is very good but I

think you'll get better reception

wherever you go if you do get a SIM card

but not to worry

free Wi-Fi is literally everywhere in

Tokyo so this is mobile I'm going to

read what's on the little card that they

give you unlimited data it's free

incoming calls and texts Japanese phone

number you'll get one when you get this

SIM card and English language support

which is always good there's 15 30 60

days and ongoing service options so this

is a very good one and they will send it

to you before you get to Japan which is

a must-have they'll send it to you free

shipping and you will be all set when

you arrive if you can't get it before

you come in Japan if you're too short on

time you can get some cards at the

airport so you do not have to worry at

all so I want to tell you about some of

the apps that I use when I'm traveling

around Japan and a couple of note may be

known ones are Navi time which is

something that you can use to get on the

trains but if you can't use navitat any

time is usually only for Japanese phone

so basically most of the time like I

said in one of my other videos I use

Google Maps a lot of the time and they

actually updated it so if you look up

from where you are and your destination

it'll show you the boarding position for

the fastest Trance

so when you're going to transfer trains

you go to car 3 in order to get faster

to the next transfer which is pretty


tells you how much time you have before

the train comes what platform

honestly like I have had no troubles

using this app Google is pretty well

known and I highly suggest it so that's

one app that I use when I'm navigating

the trains I also use Google Translate a

lot if I don't know how to read

something my kanji and reading skills

are not that good still

I can read basic kanji but it's

definitely a difficult thing to learn

and understand so if you guys don't know

any Japanese at all or can't read

anything at all you can always go to

Google Translate or those of you who

don't know you can go to the app I know

this is a bag of tuna but basically you

can take a picture I'll scan it for you

and then you can kind of color over the

part that you want to read and then

it'll tell you in English not perfect

obviously because it's Google Translate

what it is saying this is so useful for

people who are traveling in Japan

another app that's very useful it is

Meetup EFT if you are traveling this is

a good way to meet other people or other

travelers along the way so I highly

recommend it so that being said once you

get a SIM card it's so much easier to

travel in Japan and this is one company

that seems to be legit


alright tip number two bring a towel if

you don't have a towel if you don't

bring a towel or you forget a towel

they're sold basically everywhere I need

to get a new one I actually don't have

one right now but I need to get a new

one they have cute little square towers

that are different themes and colors and

they're usually pretty cute and fun to

collect in the summer it is a must-have

because you will be sweating and soaking

wet it is extremely extremely humid

especially because of the rainy season

and the typhoons and this is an island

so basically it's just wet everything is

wet so carry a towel another tip this is

basically for any time you travel in


please carry a plastic bag you carry

around a plastic bag it's good to have

for garbage garbage cans are very hard

to come by in Japan my parents when they

traveled here they always carried a bag

with them because they couldn't find a

garbage can for the life of them so it

is a good tip to carry I know it sucks

sucks to kind of carry it around but it

is a good idea it's better than carrying

around your uneaten food or your plastic

bottles or anything like that like it's

good to carry it around until you find a

garbage can

carry around your deodorants I've been

doing this a lot lately they have

deodorant here but it's pretty expensive

compared to where I'm from so I don't

know how it is over there but they can

cost up to like a thousand yen which is

like ten dollars for a small little

stick of deodorant and the deodorant

here doesn't have a lot of

antiperspirant inside it it's hard to

find that here they do have it but it's

just you have to kind of look around a

little bit more and it's a little more

expensive than a regular deodorant feel

like Japanese people don't sweat like I

swear to god it's just can I please have

your sweat glands because I sweat like

crazy wear shoes that are extremely

comfortable and wear clothes that are

breathable and tasteful now when you go

to like a respectful place like a shrine

or something like that old tradition

says that you should try to cover up as

much as possible but in general a lot of

Japanese people don't wear very skimpy

clothes or anything like that they don't

were super super short shorts and like

spaghetti strap tops and camisoles and

like it's they cover themselves up a lot

because they want to protect their skin

which is pretty smart but it's also

extremely hot here the Sun is super

intense and there's a lot of heat stroke

that goes on in Japan so you want to

look fashionable if you want to look


I suggest you wear just breathable

clothes a t-shirt some shorts long

shorts long breathable pants skirts and

also wear extremely comfortable shoes

that are easily taken off because when

you go to a restaurant sometimes they're

gonna ask you to take off your shoes or

if you enter a museum or something

you're gonna want to take off your shoes

don't wear super complicated sandals

that wrap up around your leg or anything

like that but I know sandals are a huge

thing in the summer I love wearing

sandals but then I get to a place where

I have to take my shoes off and I'm like

oh crap I wore like the wrong shoes

Oh carry a fan now fans like Japanese

fans they are being given out for free

sometimes on the street but you can get

cheap ones in shops here in Japan it's

kind of a nice souvenir to hearing a fan

their own and disbanding yourself all

day is great they also have those squirt

bottle things the fans and all that

stuff so they have a lot here for the

summer but yeah carrying around a

Japanese fund it's really fun and it

cools you off and just make sure you

stay hydrated and carry a water bottle

around at all times as well because it

gets so intensely hot here summer is

your only chance to come to Japan I hope

that you use these tips when you do

travel here the summer months the one

thing that I really have to say that I

really love about summer and coming to

Japan during the summer are the

festivals there are so many festivals in

Japan in the summer there are fireworks

there's dancing there's food carts

there's yukata a lot of people are

wearing yukata which are the Japanese

traditional clothing during summer

months and I think it is a very good

time to enjoy summer festivals if you do

want to come to Japan come to see that

because I think that is kind of like a

once in a lifetime chance to see the

negative thing about the summer is the

heat it is so intense so plan to come to

Japan to do things that are indoors a

lot of the time and then half the time

outdoors so make sure you're going you

have a good balance of going in and out

of places it's best to visit museums and

indoor shopping center to go in and out

of the heat and the air-conditioning so

you don't catch any kind of heatstroke

follow these tips and you guys will be

totally fine when you come visit in the

summer you guys for watching I hope you

liked this quick video and if you are

coming in Japan in the summer let me

know in the comments down below and if I

missed any tips or if you guys have any

tips and have been here before and want

to share it please comment down below as

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great day and I'll see you guys in the

next video bye