Summer in India for Foreigners | Expectations vs Reality 🇮🇳


hello guys I am virgin from Africa and

now I'm in India so when you hear about

someone in India it sound as a sitting

and of course it is but there are some

of the realities which you leave when

you're ready in India and that's what I

wanted to share with you today about my

expectations of someone here in India

and all thoroughly live at Zama in India


so I'm invited and the temperature here

is almost the double I don't know if I

can say so it's just almost the double

of the temperature in my hometown which

is go man yeah see so most of the

foreigners have that disability of

getting used to a weather which can be

either too much or almost same to their

number one the one if they're used to

depending on which country coming from

as for me my country's come to which

doesn't have too much heat so when I

came here to India you came really hard

for me so I'm going to continue the

other things I will talk to you when

I'll be back to my room so let's go


hey bro how is India I hear in summer

there yeah yeah man that's good so I

think now you're getting ready to go to

the beach water pack no finding ones


Golf so what are you doing I just have

to switch on the fun what's up guys and

now I'm here yeah as I was saying in my

country it's not really hot as here but

I really enjoyed this summer no vacancy

so bla bla meaning to put this in the

video the things you choose to expect

when coming to India because some of us

maybe you never heard of the word summer

and when you're coming to India

expecting to have that cinematic view of

something which will play in the movie

some mind everything yeah but then you

come to live the reality so what's the

things which you live in this time some

again in the first more than any other

thing some when India means it's more

than some like it's hits keep in your

mind that everything will be hot what a

place we're going to see everything

which are going to touch basically if it

have not been in the fridge it's

probably hot so everything is going to

be hot during the summer time another

thing is that someone India just means

that you are going to stay indoor now

when it's during this summer time as I

just said before that there will be heat

so most of the changes you've you

obliged or the better option will be

just to stay tuned oh and when you stay

in though it gives you more advantages

because actually you don't use too much

image of walking outside and also the

heat you don't get the direct sunlight

because you're not exposed to the Sun


it reduces the heat or just being

exposed to the Sun so staying in Dora

will be more when you're in India during

this time of some and that we're not

even Corona asking you you will stay

indoors as a must and even if is not

staying in door every time if you are

walking outside or doing anything you

will always look for that place where

they can be a shade because you know it

should be better

so because of too much heat indoor will

always be the best option another thing

in India during this time of summer is

that you will drink a lot of water two

liters or more a day because you will

drink too much water so get ready when

you're coming to India you know that's

going to be summertime there will be too

much what I would like you have to drink

too much water for you to be fine and

this is not even a doctor asking you you

will drink too much water but one of my

advice which I give concerning water

it's better you just have your water

bottle which usually keep your water

first it will help you to keep the water

always cold okay not always cold but

somehow it keeps the temperature to be

low then using a plastic bottle like

these waters and plastic bottles are

because when we use them the more we

bring pollution or it's just not safe

for our country India and also another

thing is that it will get holes quickly

so I better just get your water bottle

somewhere in India means using also a

see and fun my friend there won't be

anything you'll be looking for as an AC

or a fan like you just need something

which will be turning around you just to

give you a and this is everywhere you go

in class you look for fun you go maybe

everybody's just looking for fun because

like it's too much

someone India means also doing sports as

a professional I hope you understand me

doing sports as a pro it just means

you'll be sitting somewhere and just in

your comfort you'll be sweating a lot or

just grab a little walk you'll be

sweating a lot like you be I think okay

just it's just the result of heat when

there is too much heat you'll be

sweating a lot so gets ready of doing

all the measures and all the things you

need for you to avoid that's wait

because you'll be sweating a lot during

summertime one of the other thing which

is really happened to people here in

India in some ways that it's create a

kind of laziness you think you're tired

when you didn't really do when you

didn't do really anything like it will

just be hard for you to work you'll be

feeling it's hot or things you're tired

you shouldn't do this and it's just not

a good things to do but it happens that

it's bring somehow a certain laziness in

someone and those things you have to

avoid so there are lot of things which

happens here in India when stem of

summer and all the things are not really

but that's much but this is the place

this is India that's how India is so

when you come here to India my

recommendations will be just understand

the country no that's how it is that the

temperature of this country as for me I

left Congo the temperature there was

different it's almost the half of the

temperature here in India but I have to

understand it to have to get used to it

also for me I don't know if I can say so

but when is this time do not complain so

much because I don't know but by my own

perspective I think he is better than

freezing like the cold times I'd only

think it can be same as this hot end so

I prefer it's more than that freezing

time also know what to eat and get the

best things for you like you can get the

fresh mango juice you can get natural

things always have water with you and

just keep yourself clean and save all

the times to avoid any other disease or

any complication come to you especially

tougher it may be things like headache

just always have water with you and

everything will be fine and maybe lastly

I would just recommend you have a

behavior which is motivated because you

know the time when you will be here in

India and there will be some of course

the craziness is going to come you feel

like you're tired and it's hot you can

do anything but when you keep motivating

yourself on doing work you operate on

laziness so that's what I can say about

summer here in India it's just a good

experience to live and if you have any

other thing which have been living there

is during this time of summer here in

India I just ask you to keep it also in

the comment section and thank you so

much for watching there'll be more

content coming if you want to watch more

of these contents the other African

youtubers Omega also videos en India I

will put their link in the description

you can go and check also there are

their videos and also I will be seeing

you next time