what college spring break in florida during it all was REALLY like


huge disclaimer this video was filmed

about three weeks ago for this all like

really went down like you know when you

first kind of heard about the corona

virus and you're like what is that look

like you just kind of like are hearing

the news that's the stage that we were

in when we were driving down Florida at

this point none of the schools shut down

nothing was on lockdown it was just like

the very very beginning of this the

second day we got to Florida was the day

that everyone started like really

panicking I know people are gonna jump

to the comments and be like eh you

little irresponsible brats if you want

to comment that you can just not watch

the video oh but if you do want to see

my spring break with me my friends then

just keep on watching and enjoying the

video and I have a yes and then could I

have a venti iced peppermint latte the



on the bed and he lifts up his shirt to

see that he's covered in blood now he

tells Victor to call nine one I never

really started this video but basically

me and my friends we're on our way right

now to go to spring break we're going to

Destin Florida so many people are gonna

be there so many different schools

people from my school people from other

schools I'm so excited we are like two

hours away we're like stopping at a gas

station okay she has her Jeep just in

like sleeping kind of jammin out some

music it's already so nice I don't even

know what state we're in right now in

Alabama I'm like sweating also a little

update on my eyelashes if you're curious

Oh as you know I hated them in the

beginning but so many of them fell out

and now they're growing on me like

they're like the perfect amount that I

wanted anyway so anyways I'm sweating

and I'm really I am really excited to be

there everyone is in fact staring at me

but I'm alright I'll see you guys gonna

get this



we made it we're gonna go grab some

lunch right now it is so nice


okay we got here this is our bathroom

this was our room it's currently almost

five so we're obviously not gonna go to

the beach today but tomorrow will be a

beach day for sure coffee as


yeah we are

vlogging on my phone because I just

don't feel like bringing out my camera

but it's in my bag who's gonna tell her

no one was worried I need to attention

my girl so bad we call a detention I am

so glad we will be on friendship I am so

glad your mama like me sweater with you

[ __ ] all to fight me I start your love

he shot my heart I'm losing breath this

getting dark I think I might be CPR tell

me do you love it

like god dope

tell me what you will end the probe sank

oh my god this is just crazy it is st.

Patrick's Day everyone's in their green

bathing suit basically it is so hard for

me to like vlog on spring break I'm

literally just like walking down the

road right now to update you because

it's just crazy in the house the music

is blessing we are getting hit by like

the whole corona thing right now

yesterday was a frantic crazy day and

today everyone's kind of like okay we

have a plan

I am so burnt right now you usually

don't burn but like I am so burnt I just

got the chills because I'm so burned

every one's a crisp everyone's a little

obstacle are all just like out by the

pool right now I just like want to prop

this down somewhere can I just like put

this up here oh my god this is stop


oh my god the ice cream truck the ice

cream truck happy st. Patty's Day cue

the montage okay so this is the point of

the video where it all goes down you

could obviously tell I like lost my tan

I'm like a pale ghost right now like

okay we were planning on staying til

that Saturday the day before st.

Patrick's Day all of the parents were

freaking out and calling us like you got

to come home right now now keep in mind

you just got in there so we're like wait

what's going on like we were obviously

like so confused cuz this came out of

nowhere and it was just it happened so

fast as you know what happened so fast

okay so we're just like we what we have

to come back home and then really quiet

so we booked a flight for Friday and

then our parents were like oh you better

come home sooner so come home Thursday

so we booked it for Thursday and then

they were like no no no no you best be

coming home earlier than that and that

means Wednesday and that's like the

second day we were really there so we

were like oh okay I guess we're packing

up our bags and leaving so st. Patrick's

Day like the last part that you just saw

me that was our last day on spring break

so we really just like lived it up we're

like this is our last day we're gonna

make in those event we just basically

had an amazing day whatever we went to

bed super late st. Patrick's Day night

got like two hours of sleep woke up some

people didn't even sleep we just booked

it at home in the car long story short

we were cutting it very very close to

missing our flight like we were gonna

make the flight if we like didn't stop

at all basically but obviously on an

eight-hour drive you have to pee we had

to eat we need food we need water like

we need it to stop at least a few times

we were literally speeding eight hours

to get to Clemson

so that

go to the airport to catch our flight

like we didn't want to miss the flight

and we were thinking we're gonna miss

the flight we're like okay okay we're

gonna miss inflate this sucks you should

have like left earlier so by the time

that we got to Clemson we had five

minutes to run in to our dorm rooms pack

up whatever we thought we needed like at

this point we only had online classes

for two weeks so I went into my dorm

room I picked some stuff some

sweatshirts threw it in a bag and I was

like all right this will be good for two

weeks and I can just come back after and

I'll have everything here in my dorm

like it'll be fine no it won't be fine

because now I can't go back there I have

everything in my dorm room um that's

good we rushed into the car we drove to

the airport by the time we got to the

airport we almost missed our flight okay

the people at the airport literally like

oh my god we were driving everyone and

said we had to check our bags and the

guy was like oh you guys are ten minutes

late so you can't check your bags I'm

like we need to check her bag so we were

like good man please let us check our

bags like we need to bring these bags

home like he's like fine like Oh like

thank you so much so we got onto the

plane and the plane had to like wait for

us because we were so late like we were

running across the airport like we had

our suitcases we were super renting to

the gate and people at the gate we're

like yelling at us they're like you know

you suppose to get to the airport early

right and we're like yeah we know

they'll be obviously couldn't like you

know we had a long day like come on cut

us some slack and so we finally got into

the plane and then the people we were

causing a scene it was like this whole

movie and then everyone in the plane

like thought we were crazy I mean the

last ones to get onto the plane but then

there was really no one on the plane

which was the reason why the plane like

waited for us it was just the most

frantic crazy most stressful day of my

life and I had to tell the story because

if I didn't tell the story this that

would not even be like my spring break

if you didn't hear about this day cuz

this day was like the most intense day

it was just so insane then by the time

that we got to New Jersey I was just so

confused as to how it was even in New

Jersey because I was like wait I'm home

now like that was just so how with my

home now and then the next day they're

like oh it's canceled for the rest of

semester so I was like well I don't have

anything with me you know I never got to

say goodbye I only was in my dorm room

for like five minutes like I didn't even

have like an extra you know hour they're

right there no five minutes there it's

like so sad didn't even unpack my door I

didn't even get to say goodbye to people






okay I don't even know where to begin

because I'm so confused I don't even

know like what to say at this point or

what to feel what to think what to do

how to act because I am the definition

of okay we just had to leave ring break

early I got like two hours of sleep last

night we left this morning this was just

the most crazy stressful day of my

entire life I am I'm actually like a

living zombie walking a zombie I'm not

doing well I'm just like seriously so

confused like I'm sorry well I'm sorry

Wyatt like what what is going on well

I'm home this is not what I was

expecting the Sun is coming up again

looking like it's gonna be a problem cuz

I'd be lying to you if I said this ain't

a thing and I've been looking for a noon

I keep on waiting for the wait she's a



everyone's planning I'm just

there must be something bad