SPRING BREAK 2019 VLOG: Cancun, Mexico


to show you guys what it looks like so

they see the restaurant when right now

you can literally get anything you want

and you go cool and I just thought tacos

with chicken and then

peppers and onions

you see what they do

fresh out of this machine and then

really right here

thank you

my first taco in Mexico have you tried

it yet you haven't I can't wait to try

it I'm kind of sad that they need to

have shrimp though so I got chicken but

it still looks so good brownie that has

chocolate and salted caramel over it

this big girl's got that looks so good

I'm gonna go over to the table now and

see this one right here's coffee oh my

god I thought green it's like jelly a

host this is red velvet and that's like

a banana true whole thing I wish you

guys saw my dessert at dinner last night

it was so good but I'm gonna try these

and like take a few bites of each and

see like which ones are good it's my

favorite part

we got room service before dinner just

because we're not eating till 8:30 so we

decided to order some food

Marcus is literally sleeping like with

music blasting looking about miss

bitters so for my earrings are from made

well but those pieces

ooh that one it shoots really good with

Rhys my camera being fuzzy I gave it to

try all of these desserts I am NOT going

down there oh god can you guys get away

from that they think I'm going down

there so it is day 2

it's such a nice more


everything here really favorite meal

they have a big area rate and get

whatever you want make make an omelet

enough so that's


breakfast this morning kind of similar

to what I had yesterday just omelette

with peppers tomatoes spinach and

jalapenos Masson and then I got some

steamed Brussels sprouts and zucchini

just for some extra veggies on the side

to fill me up and then also copy this

coffees river is so good here I need to

try one of those little yogurt parfaits

syllabaries toast

oh my god that's so cute that's little

coffee place we it's so corner beach

palace babe

Marcus I want to sit down that side of



guys there's a rooftop pool at the beach

palace oh my god so there's a pool on

both sides

I don't care yeah let's go on this side

oh my god I love this this is the

coolest thing this is giving me major

like Miami vibes wait this is so cool

this is where we were earlier right down

there guys this looks so cool I finally

got a spritz it in Mexico and so happy

right now

YUM I don't know what those little seats

are maybe

I have no idea they look like


Marcus a speech Marcus he's being so

funny today he wants tatianna to play

the big man oh my god guys today was

such a fun day but sit down Tatiana


that's so true

Marcus your new rings

Marcus and I got new rings they can't

come in this form that I got it's just a

gold wait it's a protist okay you got

two he got a little black like diamonds

one and then ramen bowls made in my is

like a thick old one be careful


guys I'm getting a creep I'm so excited

I'm getting Nutella banana and Jeff

strawberries also - oh I'll do that -

thank you








are you ready we already know but what

we need to put it ding-ding-ding-ding we

need to make a planets that create that

best to create better


I love that great foot they didn't fetch


perfect amount it's really good I'm so


what's up we just thought dear look at

this and these logs but that's as far

around I think

bourbon I'll have them linked revised

and this is just a random tank top I

don't want a brand but I cropped it and

also these beach pants that I got from

TJ Maxx on Newberry and then I just have

my little made well hard to shape tubes

in and then this awful bikini but you

guys will see in my spring break bikini

hole already but we're going to watch

this what are you looking at what

imagine it flies often hits you my

favorite part of every single day I said

this yesterday is the breakfast so we're

getting it on right now but also what is

one with my hair every morning since I

work out it can't like let it down

because I shower and then it gets wet

and now it's all weird so I apologize my

hair was curtains II but this morning

I'm probably gonna just end up in the

same thing that I do every single day

but Marcus gets these parfaits I may be

so good at it so I don't know I may

travel is gonna scare that the yogurt

it's gonna like make my stomach hurt if

it's not like Greek


it's actually so nice out today and it's

snowing at home which is really funny

but our seats are like right here by the

water my hair is all freaky because I

just went under I want to like set up my

camera but I feel like I'm just gonna

get what do you think it's gonna get wet

here we go what if it gets enough in you

took me back to East Atlanta anything

for dinner tonight we're gonna do

Italian which is gonna be so good

I'm so excited it's so nice here there's

a snowstorm at home did I just say that

I think I just said that to it but I

think forget but yeah it's crazy so I

have class today and school got

cancelled and this is the only day of

the week that I have class I have class

Monday Wednesday and then next Wednesday

I have a test and I already took it

before I left so I'm like not missing

any school so it's a little jalapeno is

coming in hot lunch we like off the same

thing almost we got tacos my favorite

thing is the taco maker I love that like

my favorite but I wish I had shrimp hey

Liam chicken we finally moved to the

second side the second half I love these

chairs cuz they're like comfy and

cushiony dinosaur so Cupid I love this

if I could have an Asian themed truck

every day of my life come up to me I

would what's the date today March fit

Tuesday March 5th and it's super sunny

there's not a single cloud in the sky

actually today it's so nice out

another day another dollar another time

to get crisp I love horses look today

I'm kind of jealous and I feel like I

don't like mine because I like his I

know but I like all black we're walking

a breakfast and I have on this set

actually you guys know from my last

travel vlogs I wore this shirt from

princess Polly I'll have it linked for

you guys but

I got he's like matching pants from TJ

Maxx on Newbury Street and they're

literally the same exact like material

and I just love it it's like a little

set these are from urban bikini is 4:37

swim that's about to be me zipping on

the jet ski

what that's a huge lizard oh look at

that Marcie gonna do a nice photo

I think it's posing rec fost today they

also have a little area where you can

get a bunch of different kinds of fresh

juices and I got a grapefruit juice so

I'm excited to try that and of course

the coffee here is like the best ever

I did like yesterday at the gym and my

friends are literally like running away

from me they're walking so fast hurt so

bad stuck right here in the back but

we're going jet skiing right now so

excited actually it was a lot closer up

there this morning really guys it's a

perfect day to jet ski and now it's

gotten a little bit more windy but

that's basically where we're gonna be

doing it right out there I'm so excited

this is gonna be so fun I was gonna

bring my camera though in vlog it but I

can't see because if get all wet but I

wish I like thought ahead and brought it

GoPro or something because I thought

that'd be so funny just be like walk

footage from jet ski getting snatched

snatched up you ready for dinner outfit

for dinner tonight these needle hoops

that are so cute there are little hearts

my princess Polly dress that I wore in

blue and Aruba IQ it a little forever21

it bag and then also these shoes that

I'm wearing are these new ones I just

got from either JustFab or ShoeDazzle

and they're so cute I'm obsessed with

them they have like a really thick

buckle and just like a chunky heel so

this is what my outfit looks like and

I'll show you actually what it looks

like in the mirror what'd you say

what's your necklace do I like

wait what do you mean are they the same

no oh I like the short one yeah I was

like wait those two crosses are

identical but this is full outfit deeds

everything will be linked if it's still

available which it probably will be and

also my hair's still expect back from

today I just went to the gym and

actually didn't wash my hair I'm gonna

wait till tonight just because it's so

humid gross beside that I don't want to

wash my hair and then just have it get

like all weird so yeah but we're gonna

go to dinner I'm an Italian please and

I'm so excited


market fit your napkin


it is the last whoa these glasses I can

make my camera but I can't tell what it

looks like because they're so funky but

oh jeez it's a little bit windy I don't

know if you guys can hear me market

because just clothes double up in 30 and

it's 11 right now so you have to like it

over there because you guys know I need

my omelet and I need my go-to song

that's what I need but oh my god Marcus

gets like a huge huge breakfast like

it's so big and then he'll go for

seconds and come back it's so funny when

the food here is so good so he can't

help it but we also just booked a spa

this morning and Marcus and I are

getting a massage it is citrus one and

they go oh so is it a couples massage

and we were like yeah you know what why


so Marcus and I have a couples massage

booked booked booked for tomorrow night

which is our last night and then we

should probably play like what we're

doing for dinner for dinner babe move

this whole trip did not be morning

coffee in this gorgeous view you guys I

don't want to leave I just want to stay

here forever


this is my favorite outfit I've ever

worn here I'm wearing Marcus's vintage

tee I can't like it where's it from

again the vintage twin and my

rag-and-bone jeans which I'll link for

you guys like they're my favorite gucci

belt and then these shoes I'm obsessed

with they're from JustFab and they're

really tall summery tall girls and then

forever21 bag that I've been using this

is hard I usually I'm not like a weekly

vlogger and this is like a big week vlog

so I don't know like what I've said and

what I haven't and I obviously don't

even know how this videos right now but

we're going to dinner we're going to

Momo from the first day Momo fufu

now we're gonna not do a bocce we're

going to eat off the menu and great so

we're gonna go do that and I gave up

dessert for lens and it didn't go well

because I had care kicking at lunch and

a cookie but it's okay it's okay because

the Lilly said length doesn't count in

Mexico but we'll see okay honestly if

they have that dessert that they had the

other night that was french toast so

good I'm getting it


these are so cute what are you thoughts

of Shiva with avocado you wouldn't not

with another Amish it's so cute I am

you look like they're like sleeping in a

bed the new cheers of the century Cheers


yes Queen cheers everybody

what are you



oh my god get it boy



oh my goodness




hind the back shot Oh market and more

name I'm always scared to see like wall

my hair still ignite wait today isn't

like the first day that my camera hasn't

fogged up it's not like humid because it

rained yeah

remember it rained but it's our last day

I'm feeling crisp today and we're gonna

go get breakfast and then we have spa

this afternoon so we got out a little

bit earlier because I'm usually like

marks that I have been going to the gym

in the morning and it's so sunny hold on

you need what my glasses on


right now but I think I need to be quite

a big

thank you Oh republic lavender yes thank



I'm in the sanno and just finished up my

50 minute

citrus massage and Marcus and I did it

in the same room it was so funny because

they thought that we were married and

they kept calling me this is Dalby and

it was so funny but I didn't want to

know that's why the lady was all beard

I'm just sweating you know

chilling and relaxing it's so nice and I

just showed a little bit of what the

outside of this ball looks like but

that's basically outside the sauna they

have like little hot tubs and pools and

just places to lay but it's so nice I

think I'm gonna make it a thing once

every few weeks to get a massage in

Boston on one of my days off and just

like do something for myself because it

feels so good I could just feel like so

much more relaxed and everything I could

have done they get to our own massage

that's how good it was and I wish that

they use like hot stones or something

but yeah so that is that my phone just

died it's right there I have to go up

there and charge it so I can meet up

with Marcus and head back because we're

gonna go out to dinner for the last

night which I think we're gonna do here

at the golf club so I'm gonna figure

that out

and talk to you guys a little bit later

I'm crying oh yeah

yo I wore these earrings on my 21st

birthday but these pants from naked or

nak Dean and it was actually cute I'm

wearing to see him off when I work all

the lights ago from Princess Pea because

I my other dresses didn't really

anything right I hate wearing dresses

that are tight and they were just like

too tight or strict about me but we're

going back to the golf course we didn't

uh did not babe and I'm excited because

I love a good dinner and it's not like

humid and sticky up today which I like

but oh my shoes are also from ShoeDazzle

I'm obsessed with them my shoe dazzles

are yours or she doesn't I guess

it's a bad cyst