Spring Break in Cancun, Mexico


we're standing outside the airport here

waiting for our transportation where you

have like private transportation coming

to pick us up take us to our resort we

made it to our hotel here's the family

concierge little hangout area and if you

guys remember when we went to the

Paradiso Sun Foods account last spring

break we did the family concierge and

they hooked us up with it again so that

way we can get like the what do they

call those little Hut's down by the

beach they reserved them for you every

day they make your dinner reservation so

you can make sure you get into like

dinner at each restaurant cuz I think

there's like nine or ten of them here at

this resort know about these little


cool oh my gosh awesome Wow oh my


check that out

oh my god you got what oh my gosh look

at that can oh look at look at this cuz

of a good time you like dance oh my gosh

that is awesome good job but it's so

cool that is such a cake it's a gig with

a playin person oh my goodness Wow

Wow look at all the then there's all

these more rooms yeah we're all the way

down there

just do what you want to be Tommy polite

I like your attitude

the song that is stuck in my head for

the kid sketch boogie boards are those

for the ocean or the beach or the pool

both let me see the front of it

cute cute all right let's go





so that is where day two out here on the

beach and the kids are out on the ocean

throwing the ball around again we're

listening to this wonderful fans and we

have like one of these like Cabana

things today see our name they say they

reserved one of these first today so we

can lay out here in the Sun here in the

shade so you listen to the spam

yesterday and they were so good so I'm

excited to hear him today and then in a

little bit we're actually gonna go

parasailing and I think we talked Carly

into doing that I think Carly and I are

gonna do it together there go the girls

there they go

I'm impressed I can't believe this


you guys ever seen whose line is it

anyways we got this weird shaped plate

so we each have to come up with our own

thing we're gonna do with that seconds

first you're next

what are you gonna do with it

even more you have to do something with

it other than ugly

that's a good one

you look like a bunny what do you taste








for sure I will


a devotion breezy


the ocean




whoa my fat it is it's hard to hold on

when you go fast






isn't it gonna melt sit down



where me spend the smallest thing




and my journal is so pink

scratch - ribbon on the carpet you know

with me home


and vacation vacation vlogs what's your

favorite bars vacation


yeah the dog seems sensible dog history

song yeah we saw one there

and we saw the one that jumped in the


I'm not jumped in the water

right oh yeah when we were on the jungle

tours oh yeah yeah it looked like a

shaggy dog then there was the one that

was at the hotel and she had children